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Posted by buffmuffy on July 27, 2009


Greetings again!

That sandwich was so good that I actually made a snack out of it later!

For dinner, we wanted something simple so we ordered from the chinese place that keeps leaving flyers on our doors!  It turned out really good.  I ordered the moo goo gai pan, which is a mushroom chicken dish.  I was not happy about the white rice, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt that much.  And with crab rangoon, too!


I only ate about half of my plate and I was satisfied.

We finished Watchmen while eating dinner, which we had started yesterday.  Breaking it into two viewings was a good idea.  I enjoyed it, but only because it kept me entertained.  It wasn’t something I’d care about watching again.

And now I’m going to finish watching Inkheart while I eat dessert.  I have decided I much prefer a greek yogurt dessert to ice cream.  Ice cream leaves something to be desired, whether it be the additives in it or the sugar.  Plus I like the coolness of the yogurt better than the chill of the ice cream – it freezes my chocolate chips and I hate that!  So tonight’s dessert is a bowl of Oikos with strawberries, dark chocolate chips, granola (with 2 almonds lol), and coconut butter.


Can you believe I have downed 4lb of strawberries in 4 days?  LOL.  Also, I have one more use left in my coconut butter jar 😦  I can’t afford to buy another $10 jar!  *cry*

Oh well, off to enjoy dessert and the rest of my movie!  I work 11-8 tomorrow.  Blech.


UPDATE:  Inkheart was really good!  I definitely recommend it.  It was so cute and magical, and Brendan Fraiser wasn’t all dorky like normal!  LOL!  Everyone should try it out!


4 Responses to “42.3”

  1. Katharina said

    Heyy how was that Rachel’s lavender yogurt? 🙂

    I never thought about it that way.. the ice cream freezing the chocolate chips. I wouldn’t like that either. Perhaps you can e-mail the people who made the coconut butter and ask for a coupon? Doesn’t hurt to try 😉

  2. janetha said

    all caught up! dang i wish i preferred GY to ice cream! but i do love GY so it is ok. i could eat gallons of ice cream if it was socially acceptable though. i liked your other post on processed foods. very insightful. look forward to more thoughts on it!

  3. 4lb of strawbs in 4 days is IMPRESSIVE 🙂

    what kind of coconut butter do you buy? how is it? i see it all the time, but am unsure about whether i want to buy it and how to use it in dishes!

  4. Chinese food is my absolute weakness. That looks amazing! Glad you have leftovers too, so you can enjoy it all over again! 😉

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