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Posted by buffmuffy on July 26, 2009


Good evening!

Today at work was intense for about an hour or so, so I know I definitely burned some calories!  I had my Blueberry Crisp Clif bar, which was surprisingly bluberry muffiny tasting and delicious.

I just got home from a successful shopping trip at Target!  The boyfriend offered to buy me some groceries, so I was extremely happy!

Here is the loot!


As you can see, I got 2.5 dozen farm fresh eggs, special dark chips, 100% cacao chocolate bars (THAT WERE ON SALE FOR 1.27$!!!!!!!!!!), 2 bundles of spinach (finally), OROWHEAT SANDWICH THINS (I haven’t been able to find these thus far!), 2 packages of pita pockets, 2 bags of popchips )of which the cheddar were supposed to be for the boyfriend but he hated them so more for me), Smart Balance olive oil nonhydrogenated margarine, blackberry preserves (omg can’t wait to try these), some bananas….

And these!

IMG_3642Can anyone say yum?

I have so many new things to try, and here is the real shocker: All of this only cost just under $30!!!!  WOW huh?

For dinner, we stopped a new place.  My boyfriend had eaten there once before, but I was a newbie.  It is called Jason’s Deli, and upon walking in and looking at their menu, I noticed that none of their products other than the soda have high fructose corn syrups or MSG’s or trans fat.  And their selection was unbeatable!  They even offered organic things.  I was tempted to get their blue organic tortilla chips but I opted for fresh fruit instead.  And of course my main course was a whole wheat wrap with turkey, tomato, sprouts, and avocado slices.  It was awesome!


My boyfriend opted for the Deli Club.  Look at how huge this thing is!



Oh, and while I was waiting I tried one of these:

GetAttachmentIt was good!  Sorry the pic is sideways lol!

I also sampled some of my boyfriend’s trail mix that he got at target called Chocolate Monkey…


Ignore the World of Warcraft mousepad…   ^_^  …This stuff was good!

Annnnnnnndddd then comes dessert…


I may or may not have zoomed in closely to hide the gigantic proportion that I’m about to eat <.<

It is the Turtle Mountain Dairy Free Vanilla ice cream with dark chocolate chips and strawberries… Yum!

Now we are off to watch Watchmen on bluray!  I’ll be on my netbook during though, because it is so long.  No pun intended … <.<

Have a great night ladies!



7 Responses to “41.2”

  1. Katharina said

    Gigantic proportions of ice cream make me smile!

    I like the Blueberry Crisp CLIF bar as well! I was going to comment on your last post about it, but I didn’t want to spoil your review 😉 Wow, they sell all of that at Target? And it was under $30?! I didn’t know Rachel’s had all these cottage cheeses. Sometimes we’ll try out this product when we see it on sale at this local healthfood store. So far, they’re not our favorite thing on the last, but not too shabby 🙂 I’m really interested in hearing what the vanilla chai and plum honey lavender taste like.

  2. S.E. Clark said

    Yay! Farm fresh eggs are the bomb! I’ll be bringing some in with me when we come in for August. See if I can bring some extra-special Araucana eggs for you to try. They are green shells with an extra rich orangey yolk inside. They are so tasty!

  3. April (Foods of April) said

    My family bought some sandwich thins recently too! I need to try them!

    We have a Jason’s Deli too and I’ve never been! I need to get on that..

    what brand of pitas are those? I can’t seem to find the perfect one yet!

    oh and I’m glad you found my medical tidbit helpful today! 😀

  4. Target always has amazing prices on their groceries. It’s pretty cool. Your ice cream looks like heaven by the way! Absolute deliciousness. 😀 Is that a word?

  5. Hi there! I got here from Hungry Yogini. Those yogurts look amazing. Hahaha, I like gigantic portions of ice cream myself.

  6. janetha said

    i love jason’s deli. good stuff. nice bargain shopping on all that looot!

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