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Posted by buffmuffy on July 25, 2009


Hi everyone and good evening!

Tonight I was debating back and forth … to run or not to run?  My throat felt a little scratchy, I was bloated, cranky, a little tired, hungry, dehydrated…

I ended up saying “SCREW THE EXCUSES!” and I encourage everyone to do the same!

I was reading Ange’s post Mental Tools to Boost Running Performance and Pleasure, by Rob Udewitz. While reading through it, a few things stuck out to me.

1.  Distractions.  Sportswatch.  Music.  We all do it!  I often fret about how my earphones are sitting in my ears, the placement of their cord, how my shirt sleeves are, what my hair is doing, and so on.  I am a victim of distraction!  I also often switch songs to find one that suits my mood better, but it distracts me from focusing on my run.

Tonight, I went out knowing that I wanted to focus on my running and how I felt during.  I let the music play for the most part, I ignored the beat, and I ran at my desired pace.  I adjusted my shirt only a couple times, I didn’t mess with my hair but once, and my earphones hardly bothered me.  It was fantastic!

2.  Goal Setting.  Often one will make mini goals – to the next light pole or to the next stop sign!  All of these goals are distracting in their own little way, and Dr. Udewitz suggests that goals be made before the run.  So tonight I decided to do just that.  Instead of focusing on where I was running to next, I focused on my main goal: VO2 max training.  I stopped when necessary, and I started when necessary-hill or not.

3.  The Mind’s Choice.  Sometimes one will look only at where they are at and not where they are going.  I am at a bad habit of doing this.  The better I get at running (and mostly in the past when I was more in running shape than now) I tend to not do this as much, but it has never been a conscious decision.  Now that it is brought to my attention, I realize that I too often look down at where I’m at – my feet, the sidewalk, the cracks in said sidewalk, etc.  Instead, I decided to focus on where I was going.  Looking at the night straight ahead proved to be advantageous to me.   I was running stronger and felt less struggle.  It was an amazing feeling.

So that brings me to my next point – my run stats!

I had another goal tonight, and it was to beat yesterday’s time.  What with the heat yesterday and running out of water, I felt that even though I was tired, I could achieve this goal.  Did I?


Yes!  I beat my time by 54 seconds!  My pace was faster, my average speed was faster, and my max speed was faster.  How fantastic is that?

Here is my run chart:


I am still getting very high heart rate readings, but my heart was able to slow down a lot faster than yesterday, and I’m assuming the heat had a lot to do with that.

In conclusion, my VO2 max run was a success!  I ran for the majority of it, even though I was pushing harder than I have in a while.  I am so proud of myself!

So what did I eat before my run?  I had a handful (or two) of Muffy’s mix, which is caffeinated by the way, and a hardboiled egg with sea salt.  And water of course.


I also made a batch of fresh hard boiled eggs. And it took forever to peel them!  After peeling two, the boyfriend walked in and says, “Can I have one??? Pleasseeee?  Wait… Can I have two?  Pleassseee?  And can you make them for me?”  The ‘making’ he is referring to is cutting it in half and sprinkling sea salt on them.  He wanted me to do it because I did it good.  LOL boys can be such cute children sometimes 🙂  So I gave him the first two and slaved over the rest… 😉

For my post run snack, I will be having 2 hardboiled eggs and some strawberries.


Yum Yum!  Going to try and finish my book tonight!

Hope everyone had a fantastic Saturday and see you in the morning!



One Response to “40.3”

  1. janetha said

    whew just caught up on your 5 new posts! sounds like the calorie intake is going well and i loved the bar reviews.. bars that taste like cereal are good in my book. i HATE peeling eggs! i always jack them up. but they taste good and i eat the wounded soldiers 😉 have a fab sunday! xo

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