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Day 39

Posted by buffmuffy on July 24, 2009


Good morning everyone!

I don’t know what was up with me last night.  I just could not stop eating – nothing was satisfying me.  And I didn’t go out for a run.  I think I was feeling a little down, but hopefully that feeling will not drown me today too!  I work 3pm-10pm tonight, so before that I’d like to get in a much needed run and a healthy day of eating.

As far as long term goes, here is my current plan of action…

My goals for the next month (exactly 1 month til I start the fall semester of my senior year) are to:

A. get into great running shape to where I can run a 5k without breaks

-Follow the following running schedule:

Saturday and Sunday – 3 miles @ 7/8pm – VO2 Max training – run as close to threshold as possible for as long as possible

Monday and Wednesday – 4 miles @ 12pm – endurance training – run for as long as possible at a slower pace

Tuesday and Thursday – 5 miles @ 12pm – Sprints – run as hard as possible for as long as possible

Friday – 3 miles @ 12pm – endurance training – run for as long as possible at a slower pace

With my summer schedule, I shouldn’t have any issues keeping up with this training schedule.

In addition to running I must every day do the following:

*stretch all muscles

*20 pushups

*100 crunches of varying types

*20 tricep dips

*20 squats

B. to save as much money as possible – no unneeded spending, reduce cost wherever seen fit

I’ve been really stressing out as far as money is concerned.  I don’t budget as well as I’d like because I want too much stuff.  I’ve been really good lately, but sometimes unexpected stuff comes up.

-use price compare sheet to buy products as cheap as possible

-make own bread and other goods

-drink homemade beverages or water

-no more purchases unless necessary

I really can’t afford to spend any extra money at all right now, so I’m hoping that I can continue living on what I have in my kitchen for the next month or two!  Lol!  All I need is a can of oats, some sweet potatoes, spinach, and some fruit.  Hopefully I get some care packages to help out here and there 🙂

C. lose 10 lb

-eat only when hungry!  listen to the body- it knows what it is doing!  calories will naturally be reduced through this process.

-eat clean, unprocessed foods

-no cheat meals this month

-drink more water!!!!


These are all easily obtainable goals if I just put my heart into it!  I know I have the strength to do this.  All I need is a little support and a lot of willpower!

On to my eats for the morning.

I’m having a bottle of Kombucha for energy and a bowl of oats with 1 cup almond milk, and then with added flax, strawberries, and pineapple.


This bottle of Synergy Kombucha has blackberry juice and passionfruit juice (and love!) added to it.  I can definitely tell-the drink is surprisingly fruit and delicious!  I REALLY like this flavour.

At noon I will be going on my endurance run.  It will be challenging, but I am getting my stride back every run I take, and it feels good.

After my run, I’m going to replenish my muscles with lunch!

I’m going to have sweet potato fries for lunch as they are the cheap and easy and super tasty option.  With them for protein, I’ll have an Amazing Meal protein shake.  This will be my first time trying the Pomegranate Mango infusion!  I can’t wait!

See you after lunch and look forward to an Avocate Skincare review!


P.S.  You know the Top Searches section on the WP Dashboard?  What does it even signify?  I’ve posted about a weird one before, but now I have the following listed in that little box…

*coconut m & m at shopko

*gt’s organic raw kombucha bottles explode

ROFL!  What?!?!  Is this just for my comedic relief or what? LOL!  I don’t recall even writing about m&m’s!

PPS – Look what UPS just brought me!  Thanks a trillion times to Joy over at Nature’s Path!


I haven’t even seen the left two cereals in stores, nor the bars!  I am so excited to try all of these!  I absolutely love the pumpkin flax granola flavour – it is in bulk at Sam’s and is sooo amazing.

This is just what a girl needed on her day feeling down!  Thanks again, Joy 🙂


3 Responses to “Day 39”

  1. VeggieGirl said

    Best of luck with your goals!!

  2. janetha said

    those are good goals! maybe have one or two cheat meals though.. cheat meals give a little nudge to your metabolism actually. as long as the meal isnt made into a cheat DAY or WEEK it really does do wonders for kick starting the metabolism. annnyway have a great weekend! xo

  3. peanutbutterprerogative said

    mmm pumpkin flax! lucky you!

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