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Posted by buffmuffy on July 24, 2009


I decided that I wanted to get a small 200 calorie snack in before my run, so I indulged in some Turtle Mountain products: 1/2c of the coconut milk kefir and a coconut milk yogurt topped with some Muffy’s Mix.


The kefir alone smells very coconuty and is not sweet, but a bit sour.  It would be really great in smoothies!

I have never had kefir before, but this type has 10 active live cultures and is rich in Medium Chain Fatty Acids which are known for supporting the body’s immune system.  Also, in a whole cup of kefir there are 3g of fiber, and 2g of fiber in the one container of yogurt.  Any drawbacks?  There is little protein in the coconut milk products.

I have now officially tried all of the coconut milk products from Turtle Mountain.  All I have to do now is get some coconut oil to try out.

Anyway, here are my run stats:

runThis run went really well.  I was able to run for most of it.  I brought water with me on this run and it really helped push me-however I ran out shortly after I was half way done and I was dying from the heat, and I think the heat was making my heart rate skyrocket more than normal, so I know these stats could be better…. which brings me to my next point:

My time for these 3 miles is BETTER than my two times before at 2.82 and 2.78 miles!!!!!!


How awesome is that?  The endurance training is really getting me somewhere, even if it was my first serious day.  This is going to work!  My time is 2-3 minutes better at almost a quarter of a mile longer.  As you can see, my average speed was higher and my top speed was lower (they are listed in that order).  What a great run!  I felt like I was going to pass out though, lol!

Therefore when I got home I had some water, and then made this!

Amazing Meal Pomegranate Mango Infusion mixed with 10oz of water as the packet suggests.


Because I just shook it up as hard as I could, it still tastes a little powdery – I should have blended it.  But to be honest I don’t mind it!  The flavour is actually really tasty.  Reminds me a little of juice, maybe a really watery Naked juice.  Yummy.

I would really like to invest in a Camelbak waterpak … but I can’t afford one right now 😦  I didn’t mind carrying my nalgene, but I wouldn’t want to carry a bigger one, and I definitely needed a bigger one.

For my lunch as promised, sweet potato fries!


As you can see, I tried to make them as long as possible.  The sweet potato I cut up was long and huge!  I’m still not that great at cutting the fries all pretty, but at least they taste good.  Really good actually; I think these were some of my best ones yet!

I’m still feeling a little down because I’m tight on money, and that means that I can’t get my hair done before school starts back up 😦  My hair isn’t ugly or anything, but it has faded back into its reddish dirty blonde that may even be my natural color – I’m not sure to be truly honest!  I am just craving a trim for health and some lowlights and highlights.  Unfortunately last time this process ran me about $130 and I just don’t have even part of that sum to spend. I even have a $5 off coupon that I can’t take advantage of!  *sniffle*  If only my family celebrated my half birthday, which is on Aug 5…  But enough about me.

In other news, my tattoo is peeling all crazily, but the tenderness is gone.  Yay!  I can’t wait to show everyone what it looks like all healed up!

Since I have to leave for work soon, I’ll be taking dinner with me.  I will bring something quick and easy, since it is Friday night.  Therefore I decided on:


This Odwalla bar packs 5g of protein, 5g of fiber, and a lot of great ingredients.  However nearing the end of the list the ingredients near the section that says “contains less than 2% of the following” get more shoddy.  And I’m not a fan of the fact that the dried strawberries and raspberries are included in that section!  None of the ingredients are upsetting though, which is a definite positive!  I’ll update about taste later, after I’ve eaten it 😉

My calories for everything today are around 1k, so I need to make sure I at least eat 200 more calories somewhere along the way.

See you after work!



3 Responses to “39.2”

  1. Katharina said

    I;ve always wanted to try out those Odwalla bars. I was also wondering how the coconut milk kefir would taste. Have you tried the Lifeway flavored brands? I usually buy the plain, but my parents always get different flavored ones and they’re so good!

  2. Your run stats are awesome! I am also working on my 3-mile time. It’s a great distance to have a goal for, I think!

  3. Agatha said

    I love those Odwalla Bars and So Delicious coconut milk yogurt! And I just got my hands on some of their coconut milk kefir. Mixed it with some frozen raspberries in a blender. It was delicious and energizing!! Must be all those live active cultures.

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