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Day 38

Posted by buffmuffy on July 23, 2009


A day off!!! FINALLY!  I feel so relieved!

I have a few questions for you ladies …

1.  I am looking for some more modern piano music to run to … instrumental only … think Claire de Lune from Twilight. Any ideas?

2.  My bread always comes out pretty dense – is there a trick to making it fluffier in the bread machine?  Add more yeast?  Add something else?

To start off today, I enter with a couple product reviews.  I’m doing them at the same time because I use them together, and together they work well.  My problem is that I have consistent dry, itchy scalp.  It hasn’t been flaky lately, but when it is super dry it does.  I do not have dandruff thankfully, but my scalp just constantly itches- mainly on the back of my neck at the hairline, and occasionally all over.  I have been on the search for something to not only soothe the itching, but cure it!

First up- Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree collection.


I have been using the Hair and Scalp treatment the most.  I used the shampoo and conditioner, but those seemed to be nothing special.  The hair and scalp treatment, however, actually seemed like it was helping.  It smells wonderful and is slightly tingly.  It feels like my scalp has a cleansed residue left on it afterwards that makes my scalp tingle, but of course nothing is left.

Next up, Abba organic moisture shampoo.

IMG_3291This shampoo has yucca, geranium, and wild mint in it.  The scent is amazing.  It feels great in my hair.  It is soothing and froths up quite nicely, which I love in a shampoo.  It rinses out easily and is organic.  I really enjoy using this shampoo.

Now as a team, they have mostly cured itching with the occasional itch … however after skipping a night my head reverts to its normal itchy state by the next night.  So this combination is going to get a rating of 4/5 stars.  Not many shampoos/conditioners can soothe my head this much.  Separately, the Tea Tree hair and scalp gets a 3.5/5 as does the Abba, and the shampoo and conditioners get a 2.5/5.

Now, onto my eats of the day!

Breakfast is some more oatmeal.  I am out of spinach unfortunately …  So I’m having a bowl of oats with 1/2c Pom and 1/2c almond milk, pineapple, coconut butter, and some cherries.


Yum!  This bowl was mm mm good!  I really needed to get rid of this pineapple so I used a bunch… lol!  I get it from work when I close and we have leftovers – it is basically 100% frozen pineapple and is thawed, and then I take it home and refrigerate it.

Today’s goals are to relax and go on a productive run.  Easy peasy!  See you after lunch!



5 Responses to “Day 38”

  1. dailygoods said

    thanks for the reviews 🙂 im a tad bit obsessed with shampoos so its always nice to hear what otehrs think too! 🙂

  2. foodnfit said

    Yay! Enjoy your day off! 🙂

  3. Katharina said

    Wow your oatmeal looks delicious. Is that coconut butter that’s on top? Thank for the bread recipe!!

  4. S.E. Clark said

    Hey girl, try adding more coconut oil into your diet. I just recently read that issues with dry skin and scalp can be staved off with more good coconut oil. I’ll email you the info I read! I know that I have always had chronically dry skin and since adding more into my diet my skin has been very supple and hardly in need of moisture. My dry curly hair has improved too! Hardly need conditioner these days!

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