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Posted by buffmuffy on July 22, 2009


Well I just got back from the store and I’m not sure if I have the will to go running … days like this suck because you just want a break from everything and relax, and then you still go out and do stuff… so I’ll just see how I feel after lunchtime.  The boyfriend will be home in an hour or two and he mentioned wanting to go out and run tonight some time so maybe I can go with him, or maybe I’ll get the energy later.

While out, and after getting my plates renewed, I got my pH strips at the nutrition store close by.  They have lots of really neat things inside, but a lot of the store was simply supplements.

Then I went to shopko and they were having a kitchen BOGO free sale … WOW.  Like half the stuff was up for this sale.  So I got a new set of measuring cups that I desperately needed and a set of kitchen shears that I needed even more for $12.99+tax only!


Isn’t that awesome???  I have been mourning over the disappearance of my cutco shears for some time … I used to sell the products and have had them for years and years and then one day … gone.  I think they got thrown in the trash :-/ and I’m still uber depressed about it! 😦

Anyway, I also went to Barnes and Noble and found a fantastic book but it cost $40!  So while in store, I looked it up on amazon and it was almost half price!  So I ordered it for $26 and free shipping and I can’t wait til it gets here! 🙂

For lunch, I am having (again, no I’m not addicted …?) sweet potato fries, some roasted tomatoes, a carrot, and a few slices of sharp cheddar.  Yum yum!  I wish I had some tv shows to watch while eating this lovely meal…


I’m also baking a nice whole wheat bread which I will post about when it is done.

So now, on to the serious stuffs.

Today’s topic goes deep within me.  I have the ultimate hatred for High Fructose Corn Syrup.  Anyone who knows me knows this about me.


HFCS, also called isoglucose in Europe and glucose-fructose in Canada, is a corn syrup that has undergone enzymatic processing.  What happens in this process?  Well, an enzyme goes down a chain of glucose and converts said glucose into fructose.  It is then mixed with corn syrup, which is entirely made of glucose.  It is used as a sugar substitute in the food industry today because it is a cheaper alternative and can be made sweeter than regular sugar, so less is needed – also making it cheaper.

HFCS is linked to obesity in America.  It is seen that since 1975, America’s obesity rate has skyrocketed and HFCS is a major contributing factor!  There are multiple reasons for this.  Because it is cheaper, it sells more sugary bad-for-you products to consumers.  The Corn Refiners Association is claiming that HFCS is all natural, but nothing that requires an genetically modified enzyme to transform it’s molecular structure and is highly processed is natural.  HFCS is high in fructose of course, which is known to increase insulin resistance- this is bad for anyone with or at risk for diabetes.  Because HFCS doesn’t affect blood sugars like normal sugar does, it also blocks satiety sensors making it impossible to know when full before it is too late.  The human body can no longer recognize when to tell you to stop.  People today can drink a full 2 liter of soda and not even think they are full!!  Before HFCS, this would have been very hard to do, because the body would have signaled you to stop! And because no release of insulin occurs, there is also no release of leptin which helps regulate your fat storage.  Without leptin, fat will store without restrictions.


As far as how the body processes HFCS, because of its high fructose content, the body metabolizes it into fat (unlike glucose which is used as an immediate source of energy).  While fructose occurs naturally in fruit and honey, there isn’t enough to contribute to weight gain because it is natural – the body will tell one they are full, and there will be no overeating.  When it comes to HFCS however, the body continues to consume, not knowing it is well past it’s fructose limits and thus packing pounds on.

Finally, what about taste?  HFCS does not taste as good as sugar.  It is a simple fact.  It tastes more processed, more syrupy, and may be highly addictive.  So before you eat something- read the label.  So many things out there contain HFCS that one wouldn’t expect; beans, ketchup, soup, breads…  The list goes on and on. A little won’t kill you, but a lot will make you fat.  Save it for nights when you go out, and you are having a cheat meal.

Don’t let the Corn Refiners Association fool Americans any longer.  America can become a healthier nation that is no longer addicted to unhealthy processed foods.

Sources:  The Abs Diet


I myself have been HFCS free (as close as possible to free as you can get) for almost 2 years.  I have been eating clean unprocessed foods as often as possible for about 2 months, and maybe half unprocessed before that for those 2 years.  It gets easier every day, and I didn’t realize how much the processed crap will make your body all confused and messed up!  I finally feel free, and all I did was take processed foods out of my diet as much as I could.  For anyone out there who hasn’t made the leap yet, don’t be afraid.  It isn’t expensive like they tell you.  It is easy to do on a budget.  Fresh fruits and veggies are so cheap!  Grow your own in the backyard, they are easy!  Invest in a blender and make green smoothies and fruit smoothies!  I have my taste buds back, my intuitive eating back, and I finally am anxiety free around food.  I haven’t felt this way my entire life.

In other news, I have been craving Pom juice for a couple days now, so I am going to have to have some later today for sure!



2 Responses to “37.2”

  1. janetha said

    haha i love that natalie dee comic. i laughed my ass off the day it showed up. i agree with you 110% on the HFCS thing. have you ever seen those commercials about it being good for you?! they are ridiculous!! score on the kitchen gadgets, hooray!

  2. April (Foods of April) said

    Great info on the HFCS! You sure know your stuff!

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