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Day 36

Posted by buffmuffy on July 21, 2009


Good morning everyone!

I had an okay sleep last night which was nice.

I soaked some chia seeds in almond milk last night and this morning it wasn’t as gelled as I was hoping for, but oh well.  I added it into some oats and cooked it with blueberries.  I then added flax, goji berries, and some honey.  I’m having it with a Gingerberry Kombucha.


This Kombucha flavour tastes very good… a lot like sparkling berry wine almost.  I like it!

The oats will fill me up nicely all day.  I only work 11-2 today, so I should be able to fare all through work and come home to have a lunch since we are eating dinner late too… because we are going to see Harry Potter tonight!!! WOO HOO!

As far as my tattoo goes, my boyfriend saw it and loved it.  Big surprise!  I think he liked the special meaning behind it tons.  The people at work also loved it.  So I feel so much better and am beginning to love it myself!  Especially as the swelling goes down.  Check it out:


Anyway, time to rush out the door, as always!  See you after work!



4 Responses to “Day 36”

  1. dailygoods said

    your tattoo looks awesome 🙂 did it hurt to get it there?

  2. janetha said

    looking good! glad the boyf loved it. have a fabulous day!! xo

  3. foodnfit said

    Wow it looks amazing–I love it!!

  4. Haha, who couldn’t love berry sparkling wine? 😉

    I’m with your bf… that tattoo is so pretty! And that fact that it has such a wonderful meaning makes it even more special.


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