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Posted by buffmuffy on July 21, 2009


I’m being a little indulgent today.

I had this snack before the movies earlier… trying both flavours of the coconut milk ice cream.


Both tasted a little like coconut.  I loved the mint chip!  The mango was very good as well.

Then we went to see Harry Potter!  It was good – but I think I had forgotten TOO much of the book series LOL.  Plus when you know what happens… yeah.

Anyway, I had a scrumptious dinner of some garden fresh cherry tomatos from my boyfriend’s mom’s garden, some sweet potato fries, some cheese, and a bread with some nonhydrogenated margarine.  Also, more Voss water.  By the way – nothing special about this water, but it does taste fresh.  The whole dinner?  VERY GOOD!


But alas, I was not satisfied.  I don’t know what it is about today, maybe because mother nature is thinking about knocking, but I was not full.  So I had a little coconut flavoured mini ice cream bar.


Very good!  I like this flavour a lot too.

Now, I’m going to watch Tori and Dean (YAY! love this show!) and Paris’ new bff … some guilty pleasures of mine … all while eating this:


Mint chip coconut ice cream again.  LOL.  I may or may not have finished off the tub <.<  Hey, they were small in my defense!

Maybe I shouldn’t have this much ice cream in the house 😉  Or maybe I need to make a more filling dinner, LOL!



3 Responses to “36.3”

  1. Katharina said

    I love toast and butter 🙂 It’s so simple and yummy.

    But my mouth is really drooling over all that coconut milk goodness. GAH!!! For real. m’mmm good!

  2. foodnfit said

    I love Tori and Dean too!!

  3. Have to try that coconut!
    Did ya check out my Amazing Meal 2 lb giveaway yet?

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