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Posted by buffmuffy on July 20, 2009

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Well I have to work in an hour and I’m feeling kinda … ugh.

Before I left, I had a lunch with tuna, tomato, and light mayo in pita pockets with some zucchini and radish chips.  Unfortunately most of the radish chips burnt and over half the zucchini chips as well.  It was good though.


I got the tattoo done and I am still not sure if I love it.  I like it… but it isn’t what I had in mind really.  It’s pretty close and we decided to omit the date, but I’m a little unsure so far.  It will lighten up as it is brand new and a bit swollen right now but here are some pics.


I’m almost afraid to ask… but what does everyone think?  I didn’t think he was going to put green into the petals … it is more of an abstract thing than I wanted but i do like it … I just don’t know yet.

Hopefully I will be able to function okay at work tonight.  I think I’ll be heartbroken if anyone laughs at me at work – this is for my mom and I wanted it to be amazing.  I’m also afraid my boyfriend won’t like it.  Every other tattoo I got I was in love with.  I just hate not being sure.

As far as getting the tattoo, it didn’t really hurt that much.  The closer to my hand the more it hurt, but it barely hurt 90% of the time.

Anyway, I stopped home to look in the mail and I was in luck!

GetAttachment-2Woot!  So I went to Whole Foods with these coupons among a few others I have mentioned before and got a huge load of loot – $100 worth of stuff for less than $40.  AMAZING!  Had to stand in the checkout line for the longest time though because we had to manually enter more than half the coupons.  Despite feeling a bit nauseous at this point, I was happy.

I treated myself to a sushi roll for posttat lunch.  Eel-my fave!

GetAttachment-1Here is all the stuff I got at Whole Foods…

First up is the Odwalla stuff:


And then a bunch of Turtle Mountain products!


Also some Stoneyfield Farms products…


And then the rest of my stuff… a few chia seeds I was able to find in the herb bulk section (finally), the other kombucha flavours i have not had, some luna and clif bars, and a huge bottle of Voss water with a reusable glass bottle!! So cool.


Man, my wrist is sooo swollen.  I really hope I end up loving this tattoo.

I’m extremely thirsty, so I’m going to drink a bunch of water and have one of my coconut milk ice cream sandwiches for a snack.


Tastes a little like coconut and a lot like banana split!  Yum!

Anyway, off to get ready for work :-/  Dinner will be:


Have a great night girls.



4 Responses to “35.2”

  1. VeggieGirl said

    Cool tattoo!!

    Good luck at work and feel better soon!!

  2. janetha said

    hey, your tattoo looks neat! sorry you are down about it, i am sure when it heals up that will all change. the most important part is that it means something special to you! i am not a big fan of tattoos, ironic because the boyfriend is covered head to toe in them, but i think tattoos that have some sentimental meaning to them are fabulous.. unlike my boy who has a pelican, a bottle of hot sauce, medusa, a green bay packers symbol, the puma logo, etc etc etc. YOUR tattoo is dope because it is special and about your momma! WOW check out all the loot you got for a good price.. niceeee

  3. Allison said

    I like the tattoo! I think tattoos on the wrist look really nice! I’m sure you’ll start to love it after it’s healed totally!

  4. Katharina said

    TURTLE MOUNTAIN!!! GAH! I want to stockpile my freezer with all of that.

    Your tattoo looks incredible! wow! How do they do that? There’s like no outline it looks like it was done with pastels or something. 😀 I hope you’re happy with it!

    p.s. This is random lol but you have beautiful cheekbones!

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