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Posted by buffmuffy on July 19, 2009


Good evening part 2!  Lol!

I figured I’d share my dessert … I tried out my Stoneyfield fat free organic yogurt – I tasted it, and it was really good!  Thick and creamy, but very sweet as well.  I noticed it had sugars added to it after this.  That is okay, but not to my preferences.  I put some into the blender with a big bowl of frozen fruit (defrosted some in the microwave) and blended away.  This was so thick and cold at first that the blender was having a fit.  I topped it with dark chocolate chips and sat down to watch True Blood.  Oh my goodness do I love this show!


Anyway, I’m staying up for a bit because I have to make sure the laundry gets rotated.

The plan for tomorrow goes as follows:

-if up early enough, go for a run

-1230pm-stop at bank

-1250pm-arrive at tattoo shop

-stop at home to check mail

~2/3pm-Whole Foods for some items

~4pm-relax until work!

-6pm-2am: WORK.  Blah!

So I have a full day ahead of me and a new tattoo to take care of!  It will be super fun though.

For the past couple of hours I have been whining about something I really, really want.  I am craving the attention of a Breville Juice Fountain Elite.  I just am dying to get one, but $300?!  I cannot budget that right now!  All I can hope for is to find some money on the road or something, lol!  If only I could find one for sale that I knew was from a reputable source.  Oh well.

You know what else would be neat and fun to have?  Blooming tea!  It is just the most fantastic thing I have come across!  I ended up splurging a bit and ordered this set off … it was half off in my defense!


I can’t wait to try it out, but it will take about a week to get here (free super saver shipping ;D).

Anyway, the anticipation is high for tomorrow.  I am pretty sure I’ll have a green monster for breakfast prerun (I better have time for this!) and then eat a quick lunch before my appt, or bring a bar for on the road.  Wish me luck!



6 Responses to “34.3”

  1. Katharina said

    Blooming tea is so beautiful! I just want to keep the flowers forever 🙂

  2. VeggieGirl said

    I love True Blood too!! Such a gripping show.

  3. brandi said

    that tea looks beautiful!

  4. foodnfit said

    Yay good luck with your tattoo!!

  5. janetha said

    hooray for true blood! i have to catch it online because i dont have HBO.. but that is ok!

  6. peanutbutterprerogative said

    omg i just downloaded True Blood on iTunes! it is 2.99 an episode though, so I will have to REALLY like it to keep purchasing!

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