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Posted by buffmuffy on July 19, 2009


Good evening!

I had a pretty good day at work today!

Here are some product reviews on what I had earlier today:

Gt’s Kombucha in Citrus:  VERY GOOD!  This had lemon juice added into it, and I’ll have to make it this way at home.  It was sooo good.  A coworker took a drink by accident because I had put some into a cup with ice, and he immediatly went to the trash and spit it out and claimed it tasted like grass and dirt.  LOL.  So wrong, but okay.  He obviously has desensitized tastebuds from this awful food america has been selling….

Clif bar Carrot Cake:  Good – but would be 5x better without the raisins in it.

At work, I had a little 150 calorie snack:

GetAttachment-1When I got home, we didn’t go the movie as planned – we are going Tuesday instead.

We did go to Walmart though, and I got some Stoneyfield vanilla organic yogurt, some zuchinni and radishes to experiment making chips with, tomatos, and sweet potatos.

For dinner, I had Chipotle, and saw the Food, Inc. poster when we walked in.  I realized that I like Qdoba much better, though.

I had basically pinto beans and lettuce and a side of chips.  I had guac on it, but realized too late that I hate their guac.

I essentially dipped chips into my beans and lettuce.

IMG_3485Lots of calories (about 750) but whatever.  That brings me to about 1400 today.  I don’t count calories really, but I like to keep track every now and again.  I am pretty full though.

I’m super excited that I am getting my tattoo tomorrow – you have no idea!

Anyway, hope everyone’s Sunday went well, and I will see you tomorrow!  Get ready!



2 Responses to “34.2”

  1. allsheis said

    Good luck on the tattoo tomorrow! 🙂 I’m excited for you!

  2. janetha said

    “but would be 5x better without the raisins in it.” amen. i hate raisins!!!!!!

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