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Posted by buffmuffy on July 18, 2009


Good evening everyone!  Sorry it is so late!  It was a long day.

I ate all those bars at work.  The luna was definitely my favorite.  The Superfood Odwalla was good – cranberry tasting, a bit nutty.  I liked it.

The Amazing Grass GreenSuperFood bar was tasty, but tasted a lot like the powder too.  I like the chocolate one a LOT better, but this one will be great for when I am in the moods for eating greens.

Well, it turned out to be our biweekly cheat night.

My boyfriend ordered us a sinful meal … PIZZA!  With Cheesesticks!


I got the personal panmorous pizza with tomatos.  While the pizza packed a whopping 1100 calories (and YES I ate it all), it was a well worth it cheat.  I don’t know about the cheesesticks, but I didn’t really eat much today and I was ravished!  Sometimes you just have to let loose.  Even health freaks like me!

For the rest of the night I’m cleansing with water 🙂

Look what I got in the mail today!


If you can’t read that, it is organic granola, dates, caffeine powder, vitacherry, dried bing cherries, roasted almonds, and lots of love!

I used my GRANOLA10 code for 10% off my order – thanks!  You can still use it, too!  Don’t be shy!

I work tomorrow from 830-5 again… Blah!

And then it is monday and I get to get my tattoo!!! Woo hoo!

Hope everyone else had a great day!

We are finishing up The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.  We are half way through, and while it is so far a good movie, it is extremely long …



One Response to “33.2”

  1. VeggieGirl said

    Oooh how did the rest of the film turn out?? I’ve heard mixed reviews on it…

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