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Posted by buffmuffy on July 17, 2009


Yes it is technically Friday, but this post concludes my Thursday.  First off, I wanted to share a couple snacks I had… I had my big bowl of strawberries and cherries and later a Clif bar (I was craving cake?).


This Clif bar didn’t taste as good as the others – maybe it was the chocolate base that I didn’t like, and the fact that it wasn’t that minty.  Oh well!  I felt much better after having it and it was tasty despite.  Just not a new favorite!

Now what I’m sharing with you guys next is very special to me, and I want honest opinions.  Back on August 16, 1990, my mother was murdered.  I was 4 1/2.  I was a very smart girl, and I understood what had happened.  I went to church that Sunday saying “It’s okay, she is in a better place now.”  But to this day, my heart aches constantly for the relationship I never had with my mother.

For a while now, I have wanted to get a memorial tattoo for her, but I had no good ideas.  I thought I’d want it on my wrist, and after seeing Jenna’s memorial tattoo and how great it looks and special it is to her, I decided that would be the best spot.  I was unsure for the longest time on what I wanted until one day it snapped:  I wanted to put her drawing on me somewhere.  Unfortunately when I looked at the drawing, I realized it just would not work.  She was an artist and I knew she would appreciate any art I put on my body to dedicate to her.  Tonight, while watching LA Ink, I got inspired.

I sent an email to my father – I asked him a few simple questions … her favorite flower, her favorite color, etc.  After a while, I looked at my orchids and all I could think about was that orchids would be perfect and that somehow I knew it might be her favorite flower.  I could be wrong, but I think they fit perfect.  Orchids symbolize a rare and delicate beauty as well as a great love, which is exactly what my mother was.  She was a gorgeous redhead, and I look a lot like her with less red hair.  I do dye my hair, but my mother makes sure that I know she is in my heart, because no matter what color I dye it, my hair always shines red in the sun.  This is the most special gift I could have asked for from her.  So tonight, I came up with this drawing:


It will be a mostly black and white tattoo, with the date of her death on the stem.  I’m not including her birthdate because that only focuses on her short time spent on earth, whereas the date of her death also symbolizes the beginning of her life wherever she is now forevermore, and in a better place than she was here on this sometimes cruel planet.

The “carving” is the signature she used in her drawings.

The color that the tattoo will have will be hints of her favorite color – I still have yet to hear back from my dad, but I’m guessing it will be something like orange or blue.  Hopefully it will be a color that works well with the idea, and I have a feeling it will be.

I will link this story along with the picture in the morning again for those that didn’t get a chance to see it before I post again.

I’m very excited, and I’m hoping I can get this tattoo sooner than later.



6 Responses to “31.2”

  1. What a beautiful way to honor your mother! I can’t even imagine what it would be like growing up without having a mom, but I’m POSITIVE she is looking down at you ever day and smiling at everything you have accomplished. Good luck and I can’t wait to see the finished product! 🙂


  2. brandi said

    that is awesome, girl. What a cool way to honor your mom.

  3. Katharina said

    I;ve tried that CLIF bar flavor as well and didn’t like it.

    Your last couple of posts look like you had so much fun 🙂 Lol I definitely laughed throughout the bread and egg one. Have a wonderful weekend, love!

    I think you should do what feels right in your heart. I like the design you came up with, and it’s very special and dear to you. You’re mother is always with you and watching her beautiful daughter grow with her red hair shining in the sun 🙂


  4. janetha said

    really touching way to honor your mom. i think that is a really amazing idea! although it does not compare, i have a tattoo on my wrist to remember my pup who was hit by a car. i think having something visual on my body daily really makes me smile often. can’t wait to see how the tattoo turns out!

  5. Erica said

    Awwww…that is so beautiful. I’m sure your mom will be honored. Cannot wait to see the finished product.

  6. foodnfit said

    I think that’s an amazing way to honor your mom–it’s going to look amazing!
    I got my moms astrological sign on my back after she died, and it’s definitely something I’ll never regret and love having so I feel like she’s always with me in a way!

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