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Posted by buffmuffy on July 16, 2009


Expect some blog reviews soon because I’m getting a few care packages in the mail lately!



I got some generous coupons from Turtle Mountain to try their products out for my big post coming up, and a care package from Pom Wonderful!  Expect a Pom review tomorrow!

Dinner is a salad with navy beans, spinach, my minigarden grown tomato!!!!, and some carrots and a deviled egg on the side.  I needed something light after all those carbs this morning for breakfast!  I am also drinking lots and lots of water because I feel really dehydrated and I’m retaining tons of water.

IMG_3460I’m estimating 500 calories for all that bread, 200 for all the eggs I ate earlier, 200 for the lunch, and 250 for this dinner.  That is a good amount, and I’ll add a dessert on to make it perfect!  Dessert will consist of something light, later on in the night.  I’m planning on strawberries and cherries.

I work tomorrow at 4, but I plan on vegging out all morning with a possible walk or run depending on how I feel.  I’ll go to Whole Foods on either Monday or Wednesday for some turtle mountain products and the other kombucha flavours.



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  1. janetha said

    hey, when you reply on comments like that it doesn’t notify the commenter! kind of lame, i think it should. the only way they will see it is if they check back on posts they have already commented on, or i believe you can check the “notify” box after leaving a comment, but i have checked that box before and it still hasn’t emailed me follow-up comments.

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