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Day 29

Posted by buffmuffy on July 14, 2009


Up late like usual, probably will be up for quite a while longer, too.

I have a big post in the workings and I worked on some of the material tonight ….  It will probably take me about a week or two to get all of my things together.  It will be awesome though!

Tonight I had a couple more minisnacks.  First up was 2 hardboiled eggs with ancient organic sea salt and a handful of cherries!


A couple hours later, maybe less, I had probably 1/4 cup of dark chocolate chips.  Too many, but they tasted good.  I only had these because I kept craving them.  Listen to the body!  Next time I will eat 1/8 cup, lol.


Also, an update on Bill:

He looks to be flourishing!  I carefully took the jar out for a second today to check on it.  It still tasted pretty sweet, but it had a slight vinegary smell starting to waft out, therefore it is working marvelously!  Seeing as how it has only been 2 days, I am ecstatic!  He also looks like he has fluffed out and grown a little.  He is absolutely massive, I can’t get over how big he is!  I would love to get a wider lower jar for him to be in. Lol.

Also, a minigarden update:


I think it’s almost ready!  I should be able to pick it tomorrow!!!!  I may as well just give up on the squash and eggplant and just grow tomatoes, lol.  I have a few others that just really aren’t doing anything, but this one was like that and then one day it popped, and a few days later started to change color!  I have another one that just popped on another tomato plant (I have 3 varieties) so hopefully it starts to change color soon!

Anyway, I’m gonna watch a few more shows, but I will be up sometime in the morning for a new post 😉




Good evening!

Work went okay.  I want to start off by saying that the Peanut butter toffee Clif bar?  It’s freaking amazing.  It was sOOOO good.  It tasted like a good cookie!  OH.  And the divine grape kombucha was SO GOOD.  The tartiness of the grape mixed soooo well with the viengary taste of the kombucha.  i have a feeling the cranberry flavor would taste even better.

For dinner, I had my chicken gorditas, and then we went on a 1.5ish mile walk.  It was sooo humid, ugh.  It is ironically drying my skin out so bad!  Sorry, no pics!

And now some funny mini bites.

*Under top searches in my dashboard today, I found “here would a 550 pound pumpkin have a good chance of winning first prize in a weighing contest” … What???? Lol, guess that is a compliment?

*I had a dream last night that my best friend picked my almost ripe tomato and I was broken hearted!

And a sad bite:

Here is a picture of my cracked foglight 😦

GetAttachmentWahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :*(

*sniff sniff*

Anyway, I’m off to eat dessert … yes you guessed it-way too much sherbet with berries!  Since I’m out of blackberries, I’m going to try strawberries.

IMG_3311YUM.  I think I like this more actually!




Wow I am very tired.  I only got 6.5 hours of sleep last night since I closed and now have to go back to work.  I have 5 hours this week and 5 next week of overtime.  Extra money but exhausting!  However this will compare nothing to what I’ll be doing in school so I guess I shouldn’t complain, lol.

For breakfast I’m doing a doubletake of energy-Amazing Grass infused Green Monster and a Kombucha!


In this mix of Green Monster, I have put a banana, huge huge huge globs of spinach, 4 strawberries, flax, and a huge dollop of fage along with 1 scoop Amazing Grass GreenSuperFood and Amazing Grass Organic Wheat Grass.

I figured I’d load up on fluids in any form this morning because I’m still retaining water.  I need to get rid of it today, it is weighing me down!

Later I will have a Clif bar at work.  I’d rather not eat anything there though.

IMG_3309…because I’ll probably have to bring some home for dinner.  I’m thinking I’ll just bring home a couple chicken, lettuce, and tomato on flatbread.

After seeing that I haven’t lost any weight on what I’ve been eating, that means that this lifestyle is perfect maintenance diet.  I have not tried to monitor my food intake really, just eating whatever whenever as long as it is clean.  Therefore I am going to cut back on how much I eat and eat only truly when I’m hungry, as long as I’m getting enough.

With the food I have planned today, I will only need a dessert later in the night to have enough calories.  But I will eat if I get hungry, of course, at any given time.

I will update later after work!



6 Responses to “Day 29”

  1. I love when you can feel yourself intutively eat – no calorie counting required! Yay for you!

  2. janetha said

    i have never tried that clif flavor, sounds fantastic though. intuitive eating is where it’s at, i have found it works wonders for me.. as long as there is no vanilla bean ice cream in sight 😉 don’t work too hard lady!

  3. Loving the Green Monster and Kombucha combo! Definitely my kind of way to start out the day. 🙂

    Hope things get a little less hectic for you soon. Be sure to take a break when you can and rest up… you deserve it with all your working!


  4. peanutbutterprerogative said

    mmm peanut toffee buzz…sounds delicious!

  5. brandi said

    i don’t think I’ve seen that clif flavor! it sounds amazing.

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