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Day 28

Posted by buffmuffy on July 13, 2009

212am … yeah i’m back from work and have been on the computer a bit but  I just wanted to update really fast … My dinner was really good and I had a small bowl of beans with.  Later in the night I had a snack of indulgence …. fried flatbread with cinnamon sugar.  It’s small, probably 350 calories.  Ah well, I was hungry!



Really quick before I head out to work….

I’m having some berries/cherries and 2 hard boiled eggs and taking them for dinner with 3/4 of a jocalat larabar.


Notice that I didn’t get any iron ring in the egg from hardboiling.  Yay!

Also, look at this tomato!  It will be my first fruit from my mini garden!


Have a great night!




Well I just got back a while ago, cooked up some lunch, and boiled some eggs.  But before I get into all of that, let me tell you about my trip!

Unfortunately today I found that one of my fog lights is cracked.  I am very upset, my car is my baby and I got these from Japan a few years ago.  Thankfully nothing has fallen out yet and it has just a perpendicular crack going across almost all of it without any chipping…  but it is big.  😦

Ah well, I can’t fret too much about it, plus I got my insurance cards in the mail today and my premium went down 15$ a month despite the car break in I had a couple months ago.  Now THAT’s awesome.

Anyway, I took a Kombucha along for the ride.  The mango was really nice and refreshing.


I went to Beauty Brands first and got a liter of shampoo for only $12!  I love their annual liter sale.  I picked up this organic moisture shampoo:


Then I headed over to whole foods, bypassing the grocery, just in case they had cheaper at WF.  Unfortunately I was out of luck in that dept, but I was going to make a stop at target anyway so I figured I’d get them there.  On the way over, I snacked on an Odwalla bar I had picked up at WF:

GetAttachmentIt was really yummy!  Tasted like a healthy nutrigrain bar!  And much better tasting!

I stopped to get cat food and dog food, and then stopped at Target to get eggs and dark chocolate chips.  I also ended up getting some cherries.

Here is the loot from my shopping trip:



In the salt shakers I have placed some ancient orangic sea salt I got from whole foods.

IMG_3296After I unloaded the groceries, I cut up some sweet potato and put it in the oven.  While waiting, I started my hardboiled eggs:

First I filled a pan with a layer of eggs and cool water that submerged them.


I then set them on high heat until  they came to a rapid boil.


I took them off heat and put a lid on for 17 minutes.  While waiting, I eat my yummy sweet potato fries drizzled with olive oil and sea salt.


I then submerge the eggs when done into ice cold water.  They cool for 10 minutes.


Afterwards, they can be peeled or stored in the fridge.  I peeled one to sample:

IMG_3304I may or may not have been a little aggressive when I peeled this guy… <.<  Oopsy!  But boy did he taste GOOD.  WOW!



And now, I’ll leave you with a funny picture.  Zelda still thinks she can fit into this tiny carpet covered … hole.


OH!  And if anyone is wondering how Bill is doing, he looks like he is happily fermenting away!  Go go Bill!




Good morning everyone!  I can’t believe it has been almost a whole month since I started eating cleaner, and while I haven’t lost any weight, I feel a lot healthier.  I would still like to drop 15 lb in the next 2 months, but if it doesn’t happen, no biggie.  I’m just kind of listening to my body for right now, and I’m satisfied with that for now.  I just need to drink more fluids and exercise more.  I work so much and I’m always on my feet for 8-10 hours at a time, so it is really hard to get motivated working out more than that!  Plus this week and next I have been scheduled for 5 hours overtime!  Two weeks in a row with 45 hours can be draining!  I’ll get through it though, because the money is nice.  I just wish I got more out of it!  Joy, respect, happiness … Oh well, it is temporary.  2 more years and I’m free into the world of living life!

Anyway, past my rant, I have a list of things I want to get done today:

*Beauty Brands-liter sale shampoos (coconut milk/oil?)

*Hyvee – eggs, dark chocolate chips

*Whole foods-chia?, Fage, a couple bottles of Kombucha, coconut

*Get cat and dog food

*hardboil eggs

*bake bread?

*start some overnight chia pudding

I work tonight at 6pm until 2am.  Blah!

Breakfast today is 1/2c oatmeal with pineapples, strawberries, coconut, and also blueberries heated in.  With a glass of lemon and white tea!

IMG_3289I have it unsweetened with only some cinnamon in it, and I used almond milk.  So the only sweetness is coming from the fruit, and I like the way it tastes, even without sugar.

Off to start my day!

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So much goodies!



9 Responses to “Day 28”

  1. peanutbutterprerogative said

    mmm i’ve put blueberries and strawberries in my oatmeal before but pineapple is a great idea!! yumm

  2. foodnfit said

    That’s great that although you don’t see results yet, you feel a lot healthier! That’s so worth it and I feel the same way!

  3. janetha said

    nice job on such a long time of eating clean. you sound turbo busy, don’t wear yourself out!!

  4. Definitely sounds like you put in a full day today! Congrats on the clean eating… sounds like you’re doing a great job. Keep listening to that body, it knows what it needs! 🙂

    AWESOME grocery haul. I’ve been wanting to try that Superfood Odwalla for a while now, but I haven’t found it in stores yet. And LOVING those Synergy drinks – YUMMY!

    Hooray for the tomato! I bet that little guy is going to taste amazing when it ripens up.


  5. Katharina said

    I should pass the hard-boiled egg idea along to my mom. It would be a biiig time saver for her and my dad actually.. he’s the one that makes her lunches to take to work 🙂

  6. Kailey said

    ohh love all the bars you bought! You should try putting the zbar in the microwave for about 14 seconds and it is just like a chocolate chip cookie!

  7. allsheis said

    Hey! 🙂 It’s “ley_ley_happyness” from Xanga! Made the switch here. Looks like you’re doing GREAT. I can’t wait to get started here on WordPress. Best of luck!

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