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Day 27

Posted by buffmuffy on July 12, 2009


Hello lovelies!  I have been taking it easy today, so I apologize for posting soooo late!

I am upset – my squash blossom fell off.  AGAIN!  Any suggestions??? This was defiintely the second female blossom to drop, and I am heartbroken.

Work today was uber slow, and I was having an off day, so I apologize ahead of time for the lack of post perfection today!

Breakfast was a Luna bar.  Yum!


For lunch-snacks-dos I had beans on flatbread and a tort with cheese and tomato, about 4 or 5 hours apart, each ~200 calories.

I didn’t want anymore TB, I am so sick of it and it tastes so unclean!  Lol.  So I opted to come home for another unnecessarily large bowl of lemon sherbet and blackberries.


Funny story about sherbet… I up until yesterday have been calling it “sher-bert”.  LOL!  My boyfriend looks at me funny at the grocery yesterday and says to me, “you know it is called ‘sher-bay’, right?”  I felt completely stupid so I started laughing hysterically!  I love when I do silly things like this because it is perfect self-comedic relief.

Here is an updated pic of my kombucha … roasting away in its little jar, lol!  Ignore the high fructose corn syrup next to it … lol!

The white thing in the jar is the mushroom.  I shall name it Bill.


Anyway, I am retaining water and it is dreadful!!

Now, I’m off to watch a couple more shows on the DVR… I just watched tonight’s True Blood and it was good as usual- I love Sookie’s little cardigan she had on!  So cute.  I’m having a nightly snack because I’m low on calories for the day, estimating I’ve had only about 1000.  Perfect time for some whole wheat pita with nonhydrogenated margarine, honey (X2 … and i had a few crackers), and 8oz of skim milk.  Yum, just what I’m craving (*ignores chip craving and then ignores even stronger craving for sweet potato fries, dang it!*)!



PS ~ 1500 cals for the day it looks like.  Goody gum drop!


4 Responses to “Day 27”

  1. Krista said

    I’ve never seen that Luna bar before. Sounds really tasty!

    To answer your question, I usually only use water when I make my oats. I subbed the POM in place of some of the H2O….

  2. I’m not going to lie, I totally thought it was Sher-bert as well until a few years ago. And honestly, I thought it was Sher-BET until I read this post! HAHA!!! Totally serious! 😀 Well, you learn something new every day. 😉

    However, I’m still loving that mix with the blackberries, whatever you want to call it!


  3. brandi said

    mmm…that luna bar is my favorite!

  4. janetha said

    i call it sherbert too. and i know it is wrong, but that is what i called it growing up and it stuck!

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