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Day 25

Posted by buffmuffy on July 10, 2009


About to go to bed, but I wanted to update… I had a decent time at work.  Had a flatbread with chicken, lettuce, and tomato.

When I got home, I had dessert … the rest of my fage (used as a bowl), goji, flax, coconut, coconut butter, blueberries, choc chips.   Yum, and I can’t believe I’ve already finished my container of fage!  😦


Goodnight!  See you tomorrow afternoon after work!  I can’t wait to go out for sushi.




Well the interview didn’t take long, but I have been blog browsing for the past 45 minutes.

I’m eating a prework snack of my new favorite thing…fage, blueberries, strawberries, dark choc chips, and coconut butter.

IMG_3275The interview went well, but they hired 2 people from open interviews last friday (i was out of town, which is why I went today) so dang, they MAY not have room for me, but she is talking to the hiring manager and they will discuss it, and if not, they will contact another location which i used to actually workout at, to see if they have any openings.  She said that they will definitely call; she was really sweet and seemed to really like me – so I hope they can figure something out for me!

Wish me oodles of luck!

Now I have to change and rush out the door because I have to be at work in 20 minutes… <.<



**Edit:  OMG I convinced my boyfriend without having to do anything!  He asked me if I wanted to go for sushi and so now we get to go out for sushi tomorrow night.  Woohoo!

PS… Is it sad I’m wasting my time on my new igoogle home page playing with these?

fishThe little spots are fish food that you click in for them.  I think I’m overfeeding them ….



After I got off the computer earlier, I went ice fishing in the rest of my monster.


Well I’m currently eating lunch, one of my favorites too.  Spinach, beans, a carrot, hummus, and multigrain crackers!  YUM.  The flavors and textures mix so well with each other.  I’m having it with my Trilogy Synergy Kombucha.


My take on this flavour of Kombucha…  very good.  You can definitely taste that there is something else in there, and it tastes VERY fresh and healthy.  I love it.

As far as the salad goes, it is better with pinto beans but I ran out and used navy beans. (And I couldn’t finish it.  My stomach is shrinking!)

Here is a picture of the squash blossom I saw this morning, up close and personal:


I’m starting to get a bit nervous about my interview…  I am not really sure what to wear as pants and I would rather not wear a skirt.  It is a gym, so I don’t know what route I’ll take.  I’d say khakis, but I don’t have any, lol.  But I’m nervous because this job could potentially replace what I do now, however I’m afraid the pay will not match and I will be forced to quit at the end of the summer.   My life is going to be constant pain for 2 years starting in fall.  Not looking forward to doing it, but looking forward to being done with college!

And in all randomness, in a recent episode of Tori and Dean, Tori sports a yellow/blue plaid button down shirt and I just can’t get over how adorable it is.  I must have it!  Too bad I have no idea where in the world she got it 😦  And I am doomed to be eternally sad without said shirt!

Ah well, lol.  On a lighter note, my boyfriend is taking me out to dinner tomorrow night.  I think the place of choice is red lobster, which means lean fish and veggies, one of my favorites!  Too bad it isn’t sushi, but I can’t have everything, lol.

Next time I update will be about the interview, so keep crossing your fingers and I look forward to telling everyone how it went!




Okay, I’m back already, lol.  But upon browsing through blogs this morning with the rest of my monster still in the freezer (I’m saving it for later, okay? LOL), I have come upon something I wanted to look into…

What is crystalline fructose?

Well, I was intrigued by this question so I googled (yes, i googled it!).

And to my surprise, the answer was shocking and cringe-inducing.

*insert slasher movie music here* High Fructose Corn Syrup? No… It can’t be!  But it pretty much is.  Crystalline fructose is a processed sweetener derived from corn and enriched with fructose, just like HFCS.  It is about 98% pure fructose, whereas HFCS is about 55%.  It is 20% sweeter than sugar and 5% sweeter than HFCS, and it can save about 20-30 calories from a normal sized drink.

As written in this article from the la times, “…what, exactly, is crystalline fructose? And is it really any different from high fructose corn syrup?  ‘Technically, yes, but physiologically, no,’ says Roger Clemens, a professor at the USC School of Pharmacy whose research has focused on functional foods, food processing and nutrition. The two ingredients are chemically distinct, Clemens says, but their nutritional ramifications vary only slightly.”

Well, I’m disturbed.  And after reading Cleaner Plate Club’s post on it, I’m convinced.  Another blacklisted ingredient.  I prefer to get my fructose naturally, through fruit.  Not through some artificially fructose enriched junk.  And companies, like Vitamin Water and their low calorie line, claiming that their products are naturally sweetened is a hard fallacy.  Yes, it contains rebiana, a stevia extract, but look at this laundry list of other ingredients:

“reverse osmosis water, crystalline fructose (sweetener), erthritol (sweetener), natural flavor, citric acid, ascorbic acid, gum acacia, rebiana (stevia extract), magnesium lactate, natural caffeine, ester gum, guarana seed extract, calcium lactate, niacin, monopotassium phosphate, pantothenic acid, b-carotene, pyridoxine hydrochloride, cyanocobalamin”

That is hardly clean looking to me!  And what the heck is erthritol?  According to wikipedia, it is “a natural sugar alcohol (a type of sugar substitute) which has been approved for use in the United States and throughout much of the world. It occurs naturally in fruits and fermented foods . At industrial level, it is produced from glucose by fermentation with a yeast, Moniliella pollinis. It is 60–70% as sweet as table sugar yet it is almost non-caloric, does not affect blood sugar, does not cause tooth decay, and is absorbed by the body, therefore unlikely to cause gastric side effects unlike other sugar alcohols. Under U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) labeling requirements, it has a caloric value of 0.2 calories per gram” but “erythritol is generally free of side-effects in regular use, but if consumed in very extreme quantities (sometimes encouraged by its almost non-caloric nature), effectively consuming it faster than one’s body can absorb it, a laxative effect may result.”

Oh gee.  Sounds like something I want to ingest.  While seemingly better than crystalline fructose and HFCS, I would rather obtain something that is supposedly naturally occuring the way it naturally occurs – unless humans are not meant to digest it at all, which in that case, why eat it in the first place?

I just do not like what I see anymore.  I really only liked one flavor anyway, but now after seeing a bunch of reports on how awful people normally feel after drinking it, I’ll pass.  It was never that good anyway.  What is so wrong with just drinking plain ol water, anyway?

What do you think about crystalline fructose?

I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts! 🙂




Good morning everyone.  I am up early today.  Everyone head over to the Fitnessista’s blog to enter her amazing giveaway!

I’m having a green monster and some greek yogurt for breakfast.


In the monster: very ripe banana, sprinkle of blueberries, 4 small strawberries, 1 cup almond milk, handful of ice cubes, 1 scoop Amazing Grass Berry GreenSuperFood.  The verdict?  Really, really good!

In the greek yogurt: dark chocolate chips, sprinkle of goji, coconut, and flax.

Then I looked out the window this morning to see …. OMG another (big beautiful) squash blossom!


This one better not fall off, I want some squash!  I’ll take a better picture later. 🙂

Today I have my interview at 24 hour fitness at 3pm, and like I mentioned, if they can match my hours and pay that I have now, I’ll switch jobs come fall.  It is in my field, unlike where I work now, and would be much more enjoyable and much less stressful.  And I wouldn’t be surrounded by a bunch of people that like fast food!

Anyway, I have to work at 430, so if I get time, I’ll update before on how it went, otherwise I get off at 10 and will have to update after.


PS-Another Fireworks picture I took from the fourth of july… 🙂



15 Responses to “Day 25”

  1. thanks for checking out my blog and sending me that link – knew that vitamin water 10 was too good to be true! love the blog, beautiful eats and fabulous fireworks!

    good luck at your interview!

  2. foodnfit said

    Good luck with your interview today!!

  3. […] fructose are indeed “natural.”  Finally, head to Miss BuffMuffy’s blog for more real talk on these Vitamin Water 10 additives – woowoo…can’t say you didn’t learn […]

  4. Awesome info on that cyrastalline fructose. Like you, I’m very weary about any added sources of sweeteneres and prefer to get my sugar directly from natural, fruit sources. Don’t get me wrong, a little added sugar in my yogurt never hurt me, but I tend to avoid the added sweeteners whenever possible. Thanks for the sharing this… I’ll definitely keep my eye open for it!

    Good luck at the interview today!


  5. brandi said

    good luck at the interview! you’ll do great 🙂

  6. Good luck good luck good luck!!! Got both my fingers and toes crossed for ya!
    And coconut butter? wow, luscious!

  7. Kailey said

    hah i love using the rest of the yogurt container as a bowl 🙂
    you’ve got some great eats!

  8. April (Foods of April) said

    Awesome information! Please continue to post on ingredients 🙂

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