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Day 21

Posted by buffmuffy on July 6, 2009


I’m watching about an hour more of shows and drinking decaf tea.  I had a personal cheese and tomato pizza for dinner, about 600 calories.  I’m feeling really bloated but not overly full.  That brought me to 1400 cals which is good, and then I ended the day with a dessert of blended frozen fruit and a luna cookie, about 270 more cals, which brings me to a good solid number of 1670.


I walked around a bunch today at the zoo, and I think I’ll do some crunches while I watch shows.  Other than that, I didn’t do much the past few days as far as exercise — just walking a bunch.  And work of course.  On Friday, we walked up and down a huge big hilled driveway twice, on Saturday I went on a couple long walks around my friend’s neighbourhood, and today the zoo.  Sunday I didn’t really do anything but I did do the SGBC workouts.

I’m making lemon and white iced tea right now, and I plan on putting lemons and limes cut up into it tomorrow.  I want to stop at walmart and get a glass pitcher first though.

My boyfriend’s cousin has been talking a lot about Kombucha lately too, and she is going to bring me some stuff to start my own homeade stuff soon hopefully!  I am really excited about that.  I’m going to have to try some from Whole Foods though next time I go there.

I’ll leave you with a fireworks picture for now!




Just got home from the zoo and it was really great.  I had such a good time talking with my boyfriend’s cousin about everything and interacting with her daughter!  It amazes me how smart she is.

For Summer Glow Boot Camp, we are talking about goals.   Here is my planner!

The Summer Glow Boot Camp Goal Planner

A. Write down 3 accomplishments that you are proud of in your life.

*Finding a major I love in college.  I feel really positive about my school choices right now.  I took a couple years off to figure out what I wanted to do, because I knew that animal science was just not working out for me.  I switched over to a nutrition field and instantly knew it was perfect for me.  College is planning my future, so all my career goals after school are dependent upon it.

*Eating healthy for the last 21 days.  I am so happy I have stuck to this plan, because it feels so much more natural and healthy to eat the way I do.  I was having a lot of disordered eating issues, and have for all my life, and I feel so much more vibrant and alive now.

*Doing well at my job. All the employees respect and like me, and while I loathe my job I still do the best I can.  It gives me the boost I need to get through the workday, and everyone respects that despite my hatred for the job, I still have good work ethic.  I have good morals and I love that it shows.  This will help me achieve success later on in life.

B. Write down 3 goals that you want to achieve in the month of July.

*Lose 5 pounds. I really feel great once I get to a certain weight, and if I can achieve this I will feel happy a lot more often instead of worrying about that extra baggage every now and again.  Long term I would like to lose 10-15lb, but I’m taking it slow because it’s not much to lose and I still am not sure where I want to stop.

*Be able to run 2 miles without stopping. This is one way down my route for me, and I would love to be able to run it all, so for July I want to run half of it straight through.  This will make me feel stronger!

*Spend well. I need to make sure I manage my money really well this month.  It will make me feel a lot more in control of life.

C  Write down ‘terminals’ for each goal.

Weight is an easy terminal spot.  Stop when you feel comfortable.

Running 2 miles without stopping… Easy!  Just work up to it until I can do all of one way without stopping!

As far as spending, if I can afford all of my finances and I don’t buy much extra, I will achieve this goal.  I don’t want to run out of money again, and I want to be able to pay off some of my credit card.  There really isn’t a stopping point for this.  It needs to be ongoing!

D. Write down what you need to do to achieve these goals!

For weight, I need to continue to eat really healthy, in moderation.  Eat when I’m hungry and not when I’m not.  Eat clean foods.

For running, I need to work up how far I go every day without stopping until I can finally run the whole way.

For spending, I need to evaluate each time I am out somewhere – do I really need this?  Should I wait on it?  Can I live without it.  Chances are it will be yes.  Chances are I don’t really need that lotion or that jar of nut butter.  I have plenty at home and can restock when it’s gone!

As far as the rest of the day goes ….

We might be cooking a healthy dinner with the boyfriend’s cousins’s family tonight.  And maybe swim afterwards.  I’m not entirely sure!  We still have to figure all that stuff out.

I am entirely way too dehydrated though, so I’m going to go drink a bunch of iced tea.

I had a lemon larabar for lunch, and a few multigrain crackers.  I’m already at 800 calories for the day!  I don’t really count calories but I’m feeling a bit bloated and I’m not really hungry anyway, so I just need to drink a bunch until dinner time.




Hello world!  I am up early to go to the zoo.  We will be walking a lot today; great exercise!  I’m having a big breakfast to keep be sated throughout the day.  I’m having a green monster of course, containing 1 banana, 1/2 scoop Amazing Grass Organic Wheat Grass, 1 scoop Amazing Grass Berry GreenSuperFood, 1 tbsp of flax, 1 cup almond milk, and big handfuls of spinach.  I had more than what’s in the cup left in the blender, but I drank it.  With the monster, I’m having a bowl of Fage 0%, a small handful of pumpkin  flax granola, a few dried goji berries and coconut, a dollop of coconut butter, and the rest of my strawberries!  Estimating about 300 calories for that, and 200 for the monster.  And boy is it yummy!


Have a great day and I’ll be back later!



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  1. April (Foods of April) said

    Your eyelashes look beautiful!

    Love your dessert too!

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