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Day 21

Posted by buffmuffy on July 5, 2009


I’m currently watching some shows…

I went to qdoba for dinner and had pinto beans, peppers, and lettuce.  That was it!  It was pretty good.  I also had some of the chips though, because their chips are great.  We went to TCBY afterwards and got some frozen yogurt.  I got sorbet mixed with white chocolate mousse topped with a few blackberries.  It was good, and I looked it up and was about 230 calories, not bad at all!

Later I ended up having the rest of my cake.  I’m stuffed!  But it’s gone now, thank goodness!

I’ll be going to the zoo tomorrow with my boyfriend’s cousin and her daughter.  I’m so excited!

I’m going to upload a picture or a few pictures a day so that I can make them last.

Here are a few for tasters since I have no other pictures to post:


Look, wheat grass! LOL!

IMG_2997I’m going to do workouts while I watch my shows …

Exercise 7: dance to your favorite song!

Exercise 8: 3 yoga poses (Downward dog, Dolphin pose, and Anjaneyasana (Low Lunge)- the last two are new for me!)

Exercise 9/10: two new ab moves (opposite leg/arm lifts and 45 degree crunches)

Goodnight until tomorrow!



Good evening everyone!  I just got off work and we are going out for dinner.  I have no idea where!

Today I had some limeade for breakfast, a bean gordita thingy for lunch, and a larabar for snack.  I unfortunately didn’t get any pictures!  Nothing too exciting anyway.

We have family coming over tonight, also to go out to dinner with.  I am excited because we never get to hang out with them and besides my boyfriend’s mom, they are my faves!

I will update later tonight hopefully, and I need a chance to get in my Summer Glow boot camp workouts tonight after they leave.



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