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Day 20

Posted by buffmuffy on July 4, 2009

1211am (oops!)

Hey everyone!  I got home about 20 minutes ago, and I had a great time at my friend’s house!  I got tons of great pictures.  I ended up not eating the larabar but I brought some multigrain crackers to snack on.  I only had a few, but I also had some oatmeal raisin cookies there (small and were homeade) and a few chips… that was it!  Today I really just grazed … I didn’t drink enough so I hope that I can keep my weight stable despite that.  I’m going to take a shower and go to bed now!  Get ready for some pics tomorrow!



Well yesterday I ended up not eating much for lunch, but i did have some lime tortilla chips as the majority of my food and a couple tiny slices of sausage pizza.  We had some healthy veggie snacks that I helped prepare.


For dinner, I had a small chicken leg, 2 tbsp of classic pasta salad, some pepper strips plain, and a slice of homeade 9grain whole wheat bread plain.  I then had a dessert plate!  All the desserts were healthy, except the cobbler which I only had the raspberries out of- the crust wasn’t that good.  I had a small slice each of lemon pie with blackberry sauce and lime pie with coconut crust (both sweetened with stevia) and a slice of my cake as well.

The best part about all this is that I woke up and was down to 146.0.  I might be a bit dehydrated, but I lost a lot of weight so I know I didn’t gain anything because I was reasonable!  This is the way to do it on days like that.

Sorry I don’t really have pictures of much!

I had a rough night last night after I got home though, which is why I never posted anything, but I won’t go into that since it is a nonissue now!

Today I had a luna bar for breakfast and lunch.


And then I had a snack … of a piece of my cake!


I’m about to go over to my friend’s house, and I am pretty sure she doesn’t have much snacking that is healthy over there, so I’m not sure what I’ll eat the rest of the night, but I am going to take over some water and probably a larabar.  I know today wasn’t the healthiest day, but that’s okay.  It is a holiday!

I had an awful day at work today — let’s just say my boss is completely and unnecessarily a *insert bad word here*.

Watch out for tomorrow’s post, because there will be some pictures of fireworks!



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