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Day 16

Posted by buffmuffy on June 30, 2009

1259am (oops again!)

Here I am …. well I had two cups of tea and one more snack.

First I had a Strawberry Pomegranate tea, and then I had a white raspberry tea.


My snack was a banana with my new White chocolate wonderful pb.

IMG_2551This didn’t texturize as well as almond butter because it wasn’t as goopy – it stuck more, so if I ate one side of the banana, the other side would not have any pb on it!  So I think this pb is better on the side to dip slices in.  I hope whole foods has some of the artisana products though, because they would be perfect.

See everyone in the morning with a pre-run green monster!  I don’t know if I’m going shopping first or running first.  Depends on when I wake up and how I feel.

Oh, and I got a callback from 24hour fitness about an interview …. they have open interviews Friday but I’ll be out of town, so they said they’d have me in at 3pm the 10th.  That would be fantastic.  Perfect job for the summer… if only I could find a way to keep it during school.  I’m sure they’d let me come back during breaks … I hope so!



Enter Zesty’s Pom Wonderful Giveaway!



Wow it has been a busy day!  I woke up and weighed in at 146.6!  Amazing, and I ate plenty yesterday but since it was all healthy and I stayed active, I lost weight!  I worked from 10-6, and after I got home we went to Sam’s and Walmart.  I got lots of stuff!

This is the stuff I got from Sam’s, and I spent $30.  Mini sweet peppers, bananas, strawberries, multigrain crackers, pumpkin flax granola, and raosted red pepper hummus.  Also go the fresh frozen fruit but my boyfriend bought me that!


Not pictured is what I got from walmart … a couple lemons, a couple limes, a big container of Almond Dream (almond milk), natural flavoured pb (pic below), a couple luna bars, some sweet potatoes, 2 8oz vanilla oikos … I think that is it.  And I only spent $16 there!

Let’s start with breakfast:

A near double glass green monster — this one had a TON of spinach, ice cubes, a tbsp of flax, a banana, a cup of almond milk, and a packet of Amazing Grass Kids SuperFood.  This stuff was SO good.  I didn’t eat the larabar right away, but had it around 1130am at work.  This was the apple pie flavour, and it was so so.  I also brought a Luna bar and had that later.


In addition to those, I had some beans on tortilla later (nice filling low cal snack, only 150 cals and maybe 3g of fat).

For dinner, I brought home my 200 calorie chicken, bean, tomato, and lettuce salad.  No pics, sorry!

After we got back from Sam’s, I had dessert and a snack.

Dessert was some Oikos vanilla yogurt, some pumpkin flax granola, a couple strawberries sliced, and a dollop of pb&co natural pb white chocolate wonderful (OMG it is sooooo good).  Drank a glass of iced merrymint tea with.


I then had a plate of multigrain crackers and hummus.  Yum!


So all in all it was a good day … I would estimate I am around 1700 calories for the day.  I might have a snack later I might not, but I’m definitely brewing a pot of tea.  I’m craving some fruit teas.

Chances are I’ll update again before bed 😉



4 Responses to “Day 16”

  1. April (Foods of April) said

    I love your dessert! It sounds like something I’d eat 🙂

  2. foodnfit said

    Omg I’m absolutely in love with that White Chocolate Wonderful! I just bought it the other day and I’m addicted!

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