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Day 15

Posted by buffmuffy on June 29, 2009


About to be bed time!  I’m gonna wash my face and read.  I work tomorrow at 10-6.

Well, to recap the night, the boyfriend and I did not go for a walk because he had a major headache.  That is okay!  I got in my 4 miler today.  Just look at how bright it was outside!  No clouds or anything.  What a gorgeous day, but did I mention bright?


After I had my lunch I had a snack of sweet potato fries and a couple glasses of some homeade iced tea!  I used my Stash Merrymint green tea.  I put 2 quarts of water in the teapot and poured it over ice in a jug after heated and plopped in two tea bags.  It was a very light tasting tea and I really enjoyed it.  Maybe should have used more teabags for full flavour but I liked the lighter taste for iced tea.



A while later I had a soyjoy bar as a snack for prewalk, but since we ended up not going, we just ate dinner a little bit later.


For dinner we ordered Milio’s, and I got the turkey like I said, and I took off half the bread.


This sandwich was anywhere from 50-70 calories less I’d guess without half that bread.

So after a ~250 calorie dinner, I had some fruit.  A nectarine and some pluots on their last leg.  Since they were almost due, I didn’t eat them all either.  I also had some more of my tea.


I was SO hungry tonight and I couldn’t figure out initially what it was so I had 2 of these!

IMG_2529I can’t believe I ate so much and was still hungry, and then I realized it.  I haven’t had hardly any fat today, and my body was trying to tell me that is what it wanted.  So I dove into a banana with almond butter sprinkled with flax.  It completely satisfied me.  Yay!

IMG_2531This may have ended up being a 2000 calorie day, but that isn’t a bad thing.  I was just eating when I was hungry (although I misread some cravings) and everything I ate was super healthy and natural.  The worst thing I ate today was that one slice of bread with dinner.  I think that is an accomplishment in itself.  The good part is that I think my water retention went away and I should be back down to where I was in the morning, or at least close.  On my way to having the healthy body I have longed for all my life!




Oh my goodness my father is the best thing in the world.  He sent me a good amount of money that will help me out more than ever.  I love him to death, he solves all my problems!  And with my grandpa helping too, I feel a lot better.  A LOT better!  I can afford groceries, yay!  But you better believe I am budgeting better because you can only screw up so many times and get a good bounce back!

I had about a 4 mile run.  I of course didn’t run the whole thing, but I ran much more than last time because I was hardly sore at all.  The bf and I are going to go on a walk later tonight also.  During the run, I think my fingers got swollen o.O

But when I got home I immediately did this:


I then made a protein enriched snack … I used this On Whey protein powder… it’s not the best tasting or the greatest, but it works.


23g of protein … I blended it with a banana and maybe 1/2 cup of almond milk and ice cubes …. I then added a bit of kashi go lean crunch, a few raisins, and a couple slices of peach.  I had the rest of the peach on the side.  The protein powder made it off tasting but oh well, the fruit made it good.  This was about 400 calories total, bringing me to 600 calories for the day.


We are going to order Milio’s for dinner, which is a sandwich place.  We got a BOGO coupon in the mail today.

I’m going to order a turkey on wheat slices with extra tomato and extra lettuce, sprouts, and cucumber.  Here is the nutritional info– I plan on trying not to eat too much of the processed bread, but at least it has no High Fructose Corn Syrup (devil’s sugar).




Good morning lovelies!

I woke up about an hour ago, and I’m retaining water again.

This calls for a much needed run, especially since I’m no longer sore!  I will stretch and then go on a nice noon run.  It’s easiest when the sun is right above – no sun in the eyes!  Plus I love sweating.

On the agenda today include

*watering plants

*finding things for garage sale friday

*cleaning rabbit cage

*get a job app for the gas station

Nothing huge, and all free!

I got a couple of presents in the mail today…  Amazing Grass Berry GreenSuperFood and my tea box!  Finally!


I then proceeded to make a green monster using Amazing Grass Organic Wheat Grass, Amazing Grass BerrySuperFood, 1 cup almond milk, a bunch of ice cubes, a handful of spinach, and chunks of watermelon (it was almost expired, I had to use the good end – but it was super sweet accordingly).  It is really good!


I also loaded my tea box, but the lid won’t close because I’ve stuffed it the wrong way, lol!  That’s okay.  I also still have tons of teas that I haven’t opened yet …


Now it’s off to run I go (after I finish my nearly double serving of Amazing Grass Green Monster!!!!!!!!!!!  And still only 200 calories!)…



One Response to “Day 15”

  1. Ashley said

    Hey hun! I find I need to have some fat with every meal to help keep me full – the holy trinity of fullness is carbs, protein and fats. Do you count calories? How many do you aim for a day? I used to count agggess ago but not so much now. I would normally aim for between 1800 – 2000.

    Your green monster sounds amazing!

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