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Day 14

Posted by buffmuffy on June 28, 2009

116am (oops!)

Yeah … I am up way too late … I want to wake up early to apply for a pt job at the gas station up the street so I need to go to bed after this quick update!

I had a couple snacks later in the night … brings me to a good amount of 1650ish cals for the day so I got plenty and didn’t overindulge.

I had a little wrap with spinach, hummus, and pinto beans.  I didn’t eat all the tortilla and beans though.


Then I decided I wanted something else sweet.  So I blended some frozen fruit with about half a cup of almond milk to help it blend (this time i defrosted the fruit for 3 minutes and added ice cubes in at the end and it worked really well).  I had this dish topped with chocolate peppermint stick luna bar which added a mintyness to the dish and was really nice but i like the caramel nut brownie topping better.  With it, a cup of Wild Sweet Orange Tazo tea.


After that I had a serving of Passion tazo tea.


And real quick, I wanted to do a beauty review on the shampoo i got … Aveeno nourish and soothe.  It’s not doing the trick for my scalp.  The nioxin I got is helping a tad and the aveeno is slightly moisturizing but it isn’t helping my ever so dry scalp!  This problem is driving me crazy.


Product Rating: 2/5

Nothing special about it.  Good for a regular shampoo but no perks and not fixing my dry scalp issue.

Any suggestions?

Til morning,



830ish pm

Well I haven’t been able to write today until now …
I had a long day at work and am tired.
Last night I had a couple extra snacks … <.<
A calm tea (which has no tea leaves in it?? crazy!) and a berry almond luna bar. This luna bar was AMAZING. And it’s purple! It was one of my absolute favorites!


For breakfast I had to eat on the run so I had a peach and a larabar.


I had a lunabar at work, and later had some beans on tortilla (not pictured).


We had donuts but I refused them like a champ!!! Go me!

I took home a salad for dinner.  I didn’t eat this right away so I forgot to take a picture, but it looked the same as always 🙂

And I had this blended bananas dessert with a dollop of almond butter in the middle … This was pretty high calorie because it was big but it was tasty and I had to use up my ripe bananas. I didn’t feel like freezing them and I wanted to try this out.


I talked for a long time with my dad last night and he said he was gonna send me some money to help out, and I had an even longer talk with my grandpa who is going to send me money for license plates and 50$ a month thereafter to help me out. He is so kind and I love him so much! Plus my boyfriend is going to pay me $150 out of what he owes me (I helped him out a while back and he has been paying me back since) so that will help out tremendously! I feel a lot better now! Thank goodness for family, eh?

Anyway, I’m still hungry for some reason but I think I’m also thirsty so I’m going to try and drink something before I eat anything to see if that’s what is going on. Plus I don’t have much to eat anyway, lol.

I’ll update before bed! I have a lot to do tomorrow … at home! I have to find a bunch of stuff to sell at my friend’s garage sale on Friday. I would love to bake something too to sell that but I can’t stay but for an hour or so because my boyfriend and I are going out to his mom’s for an early fourth of july celebration.
I had to fix my work schedule first because my boss is being a *insert bad word here* and changed up my schedule half way but not all of the way and she had me working Friday! She didn’t even mention she was doing it. So I am going to take the close shift on Thursday and give away my Friday shift. It will be fun closing because it will be with my friend, and then the garage sale is in the morning. I am going to sleep on the hour long drive to my boyfriend’s mom’s house to make up for sleep, lol.

Anyway! Updates later, sorry for rambling!


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  1. April (Foods of April) said

    Your blended banana dessert looks yummy!

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