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Day 13

Posted by buffmuffy on June 27, 2009


Ahh I am breaking out on my forehead and this is not common for me!  I hope its a temporary thing!  Any suggestions ladies?  I’ve tried everything it seems and I can’t afford to buy anything new but I bet I have every type of product you could think of in my bathroom lol.

Anyway, I had a couple more delicious snacks during the night.

First off, salty!  I found another hidden small bag of multigrain crackers and I had those with some hummus.


And then sweet!   I took the time to food process food at a very slow rate since my processor is only 1.5 cups big and the fruit was frozen so I could only put a few chunks in at a time.  I transferred the “fruit bread crumbs” to the blender, but it didn’t want to blend them due to air pockets so I had to keep stirring it around.  I need a better food processor that can puree stuff.  I know what I’m asking for when holidays arrive!  Or maybe I can convince the bf to get me one <.<


Anyway, I added some almond milk to help it blend but that didn’t do much … Once I finally got it to the point it needed to be, I transferred it to a glass and had to put some in a baby glass.  I topped with Caramel Nut Brownie luna bar and boy was it good!  I topped the baby one later with peanut butter cookie luna bar and not as good, but tasty nonetheless.  I was feeling famished for some reason.

Anywho, I think I’m going to go read in bed in about 15-30 minutes… Working tomorrow at 830 and staying til 6 I believe.





Work went pretty well but I am not looking forward to tomorrow at all!  Monday I will spend time trying to sort out old clothes so I can have them sold at a friend’s garage sale.  I am stressing so much about money, and no one will want to hire me for just two months. 😦

I told my boss and her boss that I want to work overtime if they will allow it.  Sigh!!!

Anywho, at work I had 1 1/3 beans on tort because I didn’t get to finish or really start the first one I tried to eat.  That is 200 calories there, not bad at all. No picture though, sorry!

For dinner I had the salad I was talking about, another 200 calories:


Then I had a dessert of a bunch of pluots and a dollop of almond butter…


All of that brings me to a total of around 1100 calories, so I’m definitely eating more today 🙂  I just don’t know what!

I’m going to go for a walk later, too, and if I feel up to it I’ll jog some but I need to stretch out my hamstrings and should probably refrain from running any.



Well I can’t write much as I have to head out to work. I’m having an Amazing Grass infused green monster ….
1 ripe banana, handful ice cubes, cup of almond milk, tbsp of flax, huge handful of spinach, 1/2 scoop wheat grass and 1 scoop green superfood. The taste is … well I can taste the wheat grass but it isn’t bad. The smoothie is too plain to mask the grassy taste but I’m sure I’ll learn to love said taste.
I’m bringing a Chai Tea Luna bar to work. I’ll have some beans on tortilla while there probably.
Dinner will be a salad from work …. beans, lettuce, chicken, and tomato.
My financial problems prevent me from buying anything else, but at least I am stocked up on makeup and amazing grass, lol.
Unfortunately I just miscalculated and now I’m hurting for it!

Off to work I go … My dad told me to get a second job but who would hire a girl for 2 months? 😦 Ah well. It’ll all work out!


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