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Day 12

Posted by buffmuffy on June 26, 2009


I’m so upset… I have financed wrong and I’m really short on money now.  This sucks so much!  I will be broke all summer and fall.  I will make a bit of overtime and a bonus check here soon, but I’m going to need every cent of that to make sure I have enough money in the bank for bills… And any extra money is going straight towards feeding myself.  No more bars for me…  Good thing I stocked up.  And I’m not allowed to spend any more on my credit card either, and all my bills went up in payment amount which is why I’m hurting so badly!!  I know that everything will work out, but it’s so upsetting to realize this kind of thing.

The good news is my student loans will take a good chunk out of my credit card bill, and once tax season comes around I can put even more towards the card, and then my second round of student loans might be able to pay them off.  The payments are killing me!

I have learned my lesson… I need to declutter.   I need to organize a garage sale with my friend.

Wish me luck …




Well the movie was okay.  I thought it would be funnier!  On the way I had a green and white fusion tea.


For dinner, there wasn’t much option around the house so I just had some unsweetened cinnamon applesauce, a acai berry tea, and the last of the multigrain crackers.  For dessert I had a handful of strawberries on their last leg and a banana with almond butter.


For some reason I’ve been extremely hungry today … and I’ve had about 1500 calories.  That’s a good number and I’d rather not increase it, so I’m going to try and just have teas the rest of the night as I fear the hunger is actually thirst in disguise.




I’m having a dessert of something I’d like to dub as the yogurt monster!!!  I thought it’d be fun to put the chocolate amazing grass super food packet into my greek yogurt.  It looked like dirt and I got it all over my counter but eventually it all got stirred in and it tastes amazing!


The oikos i used was plain so it isn’t as sweet as it could be – i bet it would taste better with vanilla, but oh well!  This was my last one.  I can kind of taste the greenness in the packet, but that’s okay!  This treat was a mere 100 calories!




First off, GREAT NEWS!!!!  I sweat so much on my run that I was at 147.0 after my run, after having breakfast, etc.  That means the bloat is GONE!!! All thanks to a run.  Who knew?

Overall, my run went pretty well!  The best part about it is the thing that was holding me back the whole time was not my energy!  I went about 4 miles.

What I learned was that I need to stretch more.  I am so sore from doing tae bo the other day in my hamstrings … i really need to start stretching my whole body every day to eliminate that.  I need to do crunches every day as well.

But my energy was good, my motivation was good, my legs just hurt!  I really need to get back in shape … I know it wouldn’t take very long at all because my muscles are still the same size just not as strong.

I’m having a super yummy salad for lunch today and its a lot of stuff with about 450 calories, along with a cold nalgene of water.


As you can see it has pinto beans, multigrain crackers, spinach, carrots, and a big dollop of roasted red pepper hummus.  It is delicious!

I have no idea what we’re having for dinner tonight … I think I’ll make something with quinoa, but I don’t really have much left to put on it.  So perhaps we’ll stop by Sam’s or Walmart so I can pick up more peppers and some tomatoes and what not.  But I don’t know!



Well as I said I was out of spinach, but I decided to have a green monster anyway — to make it green I added one scoop of Amazing grass green superfoods and one scoop of Amazing grass wheat grass

… you could definitely taste the greens!  Not really that powdery tasting at all considering i only had a banana and almond milk and ice otherwise.  Impressive.  And I felt an instant perk up.

I went and did some price comparing at the local grocery and then went to Hyvee for banana sale (.39 a lb!!!!) and also got 4 new luna bar flavours.  I instantly sampled the one that first caught my eye (since my breakfast was only about 200 calories):

IMG_2423It was pretty good!  I also got cookies and cream, chai tea, and berry almond.  They may not be new, but I had never seen those flavours before and while they are a bit pricer at Hyvee, I got them anyway.

I decided I would save Whole foods for monday so I can relax some today.

It’s nice out …. it was sprinkling but the sun isn’t out.  So I’m going to go for a jog!  Have to do it, right?  I mean don’t get me wrong I love exercising and running but the motivation lacks a lot lately since I’ve been busy doing other stuff until summer.  Time to stop that!

And I feel pretty good this morning considering I only got about 6 hours of sleep.

Here are a couple pics from my garden… my squash flower (the others fell off – they were male buds – but this one just opened today and it’s pretty!) and look! My spinach is sprouting!!!!


I also wanted to show everyone what I did to my hand!  I have no idea the extent of the injury but it is feeling a lot better so I doubt it is anything serious … I knocked the corner of my hand (the very bottom bone of the thumb almost near the hand/wrist joint) on the couch and it bruised AROUND the area, up and down.    It is kind of hard to see in the picture but the bruise acutally circles that knob on the right from the top and circles it on the left from the bottom… OK I made a guide on paint to show you haha.


So yeah that didn’t feel very good lol.

Oooooo look what JUST came in the mail…. Thanks Jenna for having that great sale … because I got a sample of everything and a shaker free, not to mention the 40% amazing meal!!!!




Hello world on this marvelous Friday!!
Today I plan on doing few things and not spending much money.
First off I need to go to the grocery store to get spinach for breakfast because I am out.
Then I have to call maintenance to fix our AC … then I need to go to whole foods to price compare.

I need to make time to work out … And then tonight we are going to see Year One! I am excited about that. Hopefully I feel a little more positive about my body when I get dressed.

I’ll update when I get back from the grocery store.


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