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Day 11

Posted by buffmuffy on June 25, 2009


At work I also had a flatbread with beans (220 calories).

Well after work I rushed home and we went out to chilis.  I ordered the guiltless chicken platter, which comes with rice and veggies… looks like its listed as 580 calories.  We then stopped at dairy queen and I got the chocolate covered strawberry waffle bowl which probably has the same amount of calories if i recall correctly.

Later in the night I had an Oikos and a Luna bar like the other night.

Sorry, no pictures for this stuff but I’m adding in the pics from this morning below.

I think I had about 2000 calories today; not bad considering it was a cheat night for me!  The boyfriend and I agreed to have them once every two weeks at the end of the week.  Can splurge on one thing – tonight it was the dairy queen.

I have been maintaining 148.8 for about 5 days now … mother nature hurled wrath at me after i got home from work last night so I’m hoping that all this water retention will leave me soon because I feel like a freaking balloon!  None of my jeans fit well and I felt fat all night.  There is nothing worse in the world than that!

All I really need to change is start working out every day.  I just work and am tired and feel sluggish so much that it’s hard to get motivated, but I just have to do it.

Tomorrow I plan on going to price check at whole foods, call the maintenance guy to fix the AC (it’s clunking and leaking), and get some spinach.  Hopefully the grocery store is still having a sale …



Working 11-6 today. Blah! My boyfriend slept in today like 4 hours haha, so I’m running late now too.

For breakfast I am having a green monster- 1.3 cups chocolate unsweet almond milk, a banana, tons of spinach and ice.  I’m having to gulp it down as I write this!


I’m bringing a Luna bar and a peach to work for lunch.


We are going out to dinner tonight for my boyfriend’s brother’s bday. I missed his mom so I’m really excited! Too bad his stepdad probably is coming 😦 He is a jerk.
And I’ll update and upload pics when I get home!


One Response to “Day 11”

  1. Angela said

    You just reminded me that I need to finish that movie- COAS!

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