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Day 10 – Wow!

Posted by buffmuffy on June 24, 2009


Okay I did the warm up … I like running better.



Looks like I’m not crazy after all!  I got in contact with Ugg and they confirmed that the shipping weight didn’t match the order and are sending me out the rest of my order.  Yay!

My salad was really good.  I had a bunch of spinach, the rest of my mini peppers cut up, a couple slices of turkey heated, and a huge dollop of hummus.  I realized the best final addition to this meal would be a scattering of crackers, so I added them in at the last minute and they really made the meal.  I also had a glass of ice water with.


Afterwards, feeling a lot better, I had a dessert of oikos plain with a luna bar.  The salad and dessert probably totalled around 400-450 calories.  Not too shabby!


I then had a sleuth of teas!  I had some Zen green tea, some Passion tea, and some Awake black tea.  They were all very good, but the passion was my favorite and also the prettiest!


As far as the movie goes, the book was way better, but it was a cute movie.  Too short in my opinion.  But it did inspire me.  I need to start budgeting better.  Starting now, I buy only what I need.  No more ordering!  And I need to pay off my credit card …. <.<

Anyway.  I have 2 months before school starts again, so here are my goals for the rest of the summer:

*try to get a nice tan (I know I know but it’s my vice–besides, i may be pale but i NEVER burn!)

*clear up my complexion

*get rid of dry skin and scalp

*lose those pesky last 15-20 pounds

*get back into the shape i was in a year ago

*be able to run a 5k without stopping (this shouldn’t take me TOO too long, i just need to get back in the groove)

*save money and get rid of credit cards!

*maybe more to come…

I have to leave for work in just over an hour 😦  I think I’ll do my Tae Bo dvd (~30mins) and then relax on the computer until then!

I’m bringing a Larabar to eat on the way to work with a nalgene of ice cold water.





Just got back and it started to downpour and thunder and lightning while I was out.  Needless to say my new sandals got soaked and I immediately realized that I either  threw away the sheepskin cleaner I bought with my sandals or it didn’t get sent.  So I sent an email and hopefully they will reimburse me … I remember searching the box so I’m pretty sure I didn’t throw it out …

Anyway I bought too much like always…  I need to stop that.  But I needed make up and my scalp has been bothering me, and … I guess I bought stuff I kind of needed mostly?

Here are pics of my loot:


Bare minerals foundation and mineral veil, a peel off mask (this was only $3.19!), nioxin scalp therapy conditioner, and Yes to Carrots body butter.  Look forward to beauty product reviews for the latter 3 items!  I can already tell you Bare minerals is amazing product because I use it daily and can’t live without it.


At Target I got a shirt I’ve been wanting (they finally had my size), my movie, lash stiletto mascara (after seeing Angela’s review I had to try it!), Luna bars, some bowls and cups, and a couple simply juices.  I wanted to try the raspberry lemonade because I love rasp or strawberry lemonades, and I got a classic limeade because it is one of my favorite flavours ever.

I also wanted to share some pics of my plants…

Here is the gloxinia that got knocked over … it’s blooming again!


And here are a few pics of the veggies …. They are blooming and fruit-ing!



Squash and tomato:


Since it rained I’m not going for a run, and also because I have a massive headache.  So I’m going to eat Linner (lunch-dinner) and watch my movie, and if I feel better afterwards I plan on doing  a workout dvd.




This morning I am having a high fuel breakfast to keep me going throughout the day… pumpkin oats and a green monster. In my oats I’m having a packet of oatmeal, 1/3 can pumpkin stirred in, some cut up strawberries, a dollop of greek yogurt, and some kashi go lean cereal. In my green monster I’m having a classic mix of banana, spinach, almond milk (1c) , and ice, but added in the strawberry tops and rest of greek yogurt that i didn’t dollop on top.  The result is amazing!  It tastes so creamy and smooth.  And the oats are out of this world good.  I’m hoping I can add some amazing grass products into my food soon ….


My plans for today include picking up my movie, Confessions of a Shopaholic, going on a run and indulging in some sun, and then watching the movie as a cool down with a big fresh salad for lunch. I have to work at 8 pm tonight unfortunately …
I’d like to stop at a couple of stores in addition … the local farmer’s market and a nutrition store right across the street — just to take a peek! I really need to get a workout in, because I’m maintaining the same weight and I haven’t released any of this water retention yet because mother nature is being very cruel and postponing as long as possible!  It’s nice and dreary out today so it would be a great day for a run – no sun in the eyes.  As much as I LOVE sun, it tends to give me a headache when it’s in my eyes.  Noon suns are okay since they are overhead though.

Anyway, hopefully some more packages come for me today 😉
Updates later!


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