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Day 9!

Posted by buffmuffy on June 23, 2009


Wow 3 minutes until day 9 is officially over…  Today was a rough day for me but I guess it has to happen to everyone once and a while!  I had to stay at work until 920pm.  It was an awful nearly 12 hour shift!!!  Thankfully the workday was pretty easy and we were not busy today, but it was a tiring day nonetheless that is for sure.

At work I had a couple things … a couple beans on torts with a bit of red sauce to dip in (~300 calories) and later I had a flatbread with chicken, beans, lettuce, and tomato (~270 calories).


That left me around 770 calories for the day, so I had quite a bit to make up for when I got home!  I dined on a pita pocket filled with peppers and turkey (~150 calories), some crackers and hummus (~200 calories), and a big fat green monster (~200 calories) that had a large banana, about 5 whole strawberries, a huge load of spinach, a cup of almond milk, and a handful of ice cubes.


I got two packages in the mail today … my last pair of shoes that I ordered … amazing:


And a Stash stash.  Haha!  Look at all these flavours … I am so excited!!!!!


After that, I had a late snack of banana with almond butter and a big glass of diet green tea.  Finished that sucker off!

IMG_2367I finished watching one of my fave shows (Tori and Dean) and am now off to watch my guilty pleasure show (Paris’ new BFF).  🙂


ps- I almost forgot … Confessions of a Shopaholic came out today … I have to wait to get it until tomorrow but I never got to see it in the theatre and I loved the book series … gosh I am so excited to see it tomorrow.  I think I’m gonna have my mint chocolate diagoba bar while I watch paris …. 59% dark and 99% organic! Yum yum!



I am doing so well and it’s thanks to all you healthy bloggers out there!
This morning I made a ….. brown monster. Ingredients: 5 strawberries (one really huge one, a monster itself!) with tops left on, 2 big handfuls of spinach (and i have big hands), a large banana, a cup of unsweet chocolate almond milk, a tbsp of flax, and a handful of ice cubes. The verdict? Pretty good!

I work 10-6 today, and I’m bringing a Luna Lemon Zest bar with. Hopefully that is all I eat at work today as the stuff at work is just not a good choice.

And before I go … a picture of Slinky, who helped me make the bed last night!! (Literally… she didn’t get off the bed once; she just walked around every corner I was making until the bed was recovered and she could attest to helping!)


3 Responses to “Day 9!”

  1. Meghan said

    Your cat is adorable!! I posted a question on my Xanga I was hoping you might be able to help me answer, if you don’t want to read my whole entry the question is in caps towards the bottom, thanks a lot!

    ❤ Meg

  2. Meganerd said

    Hey there! Yay for brown monsters! I’ve made a few of those 🙂

    I answered your question but I’ll answer it here to… my medal was from the Gasparilla Half Marathon in Tampa. It was my second and fastest half so I was super proud. LOL 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by!

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