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Day 8 (and Amazing Grass giveaway!)

Posted by buffmuffy on June 22, 2009

Amazing Grass giveaway from Bobbi/Nhershoes!!! Visit here !!!!

She is giving away the Amazing Grass Best of Both Combo, retail value at 52.98$!



Well I weighed in today at 148.8 and I know I’m still retaining water because mother nature has not released her wrath fully upon me and I also didn’t drink enough fluids yesterday (this is common when I have to work). I should be good tomorrow morning I’m guessing.

For breakfast I’m having a green monster (2 big handfuls of spinach, 1 cup almond milk, 1/2c chilled pumpkin, banana, handful of icecubes) and an oikos yogurt topped with pumpkin flax granola.
I prefer the pumpkin being in the oats, but it’s not bad. I had no berries so I had to nix that idea.
I also wanted to share with everyone what I found last night …
How cute and plump?

I’ll update later on in the day!


OMG look what just arrived knocking at my front door!!!!!!


They are so beautiful and comfortable and amazing.  Yes, I know I have big feet but so do Tyra Banks and Paris Hilton who I share the same size foot with!  Take that, big foot!  🙂   I am in love with shoes … I have one more pair coming my way.  Hopefully soon.


EDIT … I just walked out of my living room to find this:

IMG_2260Isn’t that just PRECIOUS????  Zelda has started to lay on this new comfy bed we got Rexi and she eventually started sharing and this is the most relaxed I’ve seen her get.  They are nearly cuddling!


…And then there’s the bad side of the once precious kitty.

I got some mini aqua globes today and I put one in my gloxinia … and went outside.  I came back to a plant turned upside down between the couch and wall and it had been double-beheaded.  The cat had knocked it down!  Argh!  No more blooms … thankfully it still might be okay and there is a bud opening … cross your fingers!


Today at the nursery, I got a deck planter and 5 veggie plants.


I got 3 types of tomatoes, eggplant, and squash.


The health kick tomatoes already have a fruit!

I also got some spinach seeds and planted them with an aqua globe in a planter I already had and put the other aqua globe in my peony.


I also got a mini food processor and it was only 13$!  I am unsure if higher dollar food processors would chop better than this one, but I’m sure they would.


I chopped some of my frozen fruit up and it did a much faster job than the blender, but it didn’t get it to sorbet consistency like the blender would.  The blender gets too much air in it and therefore doesn’t chop it very well.  This little guy worked wonders, but probably not powerful enough to sorbet the fruit.  It instead made it into a breadcrumb like consistency.IMG_2278

I was hot today so I decided to have this frozen fruit blended with some added oikos yogurt (which got it to a nice sorbet finally), some roasted red pepper hummus, and some multigrain crackers.  I ended up not eating half the hummus though.

IMG_2282The sorbet was absolutely outstanding.  The greek yogurt made it so thick and creamy, and the fruit was just natural and sweet and awesome.

I did want to make a mention of the fact that I have been feeling very healthy lately.  I am no longer waking up feeling dragged down.  I don’t feel so bogged down by what I thought was allergies…  And I actually have energy!  Now the challenge is going to bed on time and getting out to run, haha.  I will probably go on an evening run when the sun starts to set tonight.


ps …

zelda knocked over my gloxinia again … the poor plant looks so ragged now.  No blooms and cut up leaves.  Hopefully it survives 😦  I moved it to the other window, but unfortunately there are limited spots for the poor guy in the apt.


I think I’m going to start updating in a post backwards … i.e. add to the top instead of the bottom.  Starting tomorrow!

I’ll add in time stamps too to keep it more organized.

For dinner, I attempted a previous dinner I made with some corrections.  I tried the sweet potato fries again, same temp and time but thicker fries!  This time it worked great!  Had spinach in the salad instead of the nasty iceberg mix my boyfriend had (it went bad anyway, lol), and topped it with some chopped peppers instead of sliced and black beans instead of pinto.

The pinto beans were amazing – probably one of my favorite beans if not the #1, but the black beans were good.  I think next time I’m going to do diced peppers, so hopefully I’ll have a better food processor by then.  Spinach was a definite keeper for the green part, and I also added an organic carrot on the side which made the meal perfect! (Except when I choked on part of it near the end – that, not so great.)

IMG_2285Yum yum.

After dinner I had half a mini watermelon, half a peach sliced, and a big glass of diet green tea.


I found an indoor farmer’s market here in town that is open when I’m not working.  I hope they are not commercialized so much that it is just as expensive as grocery shopping.  I’m going to make a price comparison sheet like I’ve seen on other blogs to try and figure out the best place for items I buy all the time.



I went out to Barnes and Noble to get a cooking scrapbook, and I stopped at hyvee to pick up a few things and start my price compare.

Here is the book I got, and then with my price compare sheets pasted into the back of it (sorry it’s sideways!):


At the grocery store, I got some freshly ground red wheat flour, quinoa, some organic dark chocolate bars, strawberries, and sea salt.

IMG_2295I got a milk chocolate bar for the boyfriend, and I had an 87% dark chocolate bar myself:


And of course while I was there …. I picked up another gloxinia … They had new colors and I couldn’t resist.  Plus the lady there said that the other one should survive.  It’s hiding behind the curtain right now 😦  I immediately put an aqua globe mini inside!  Also, a cute picture of Zelda laying on the window sill.


I’m done for the night foodwise; I’ve probably had around 1500 calories today and I’m pretty satisfied.  I will have some tea in which I will post pics later, but other than that I’m done updating tonight 🙂



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