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Day 7

Posted by buffmuffy on June 21, 2009

Well this ends the first week of my healthy endeavors.  Since today is Father’s Day, my shift from 830am-4pm was very unbusy and boring.  Nice for a change to do that though!

For breakfast, I had to get ready quick, so I just had a Luna bar.  It was good, but I inhaled it pretty fast.


At work I had a soyjoy bar, and not pictured a tortilla with beans.  (sorry the pic is sideways and blurry- i took with my phone in the car!)


Dinner was chicken, beans, lettuce, and tomato from work, and when I got home I added a few heated sweet peppers.


Unpictured, my boyfriend gave me some cheese to snack on.  I’m around 670 calories for the day at this point, so I need to eat more.


My boyfriend got some of the new Wii motion pluses today and I’m about to go out in the living room to try out frisbee golf with him.  He’s such a 6 year old! 🙂


Afterwards, I’ll have a big fat green monster.


ps. earlier, zelda was peering down at the hermit crabs.



Okay so I had a big fat green monster like I promised, and it made a whopping 5 cups of monster!  The best part is the whole thing was probably only about 200 calories!  I had a bunch of watermelon, part of a champagne mango, a big handful of spinach, 1 cup of almond milk, and ice cubes.



I had the smaller glass while I played Wii.  Then I had the larger glass while we watched mythbusters seesaw saga (good episode!!!) with a bowl of oikos and peach/pluot.

During this I took some pictures of my kitties and one of my great dane.

Here are some shots of Zelda:



And here is one of Slinky, and one of my great dane Rexi:


After that, I was reading to watch True Blood!  Of course, I tried to make a glass of  “blood” to drink with the show, but I ended up not liking it.  I gave a glass to my boyfriend and threw the bigger in the sink.  He drank it but wasn’t a fan.  I put in 4 pluots and a cup of almond milk, and I went to add a packet of crystal light to make it redder but it completely ruined the drink.  At least it was pretty!

IMG_2235So instead I decided to have some Green and White fusion stash tea, some crackers, and a couple of my bread slices with unhydrogenated margarine.


IMG_2247Isn’t Zelda cute in the background?  She is SO lazy!  Haha.

I made my calorie goal for minimum calories for the day … around 1270 total.  I could have more but I’m satisfied after all those snacks.  I eat the majority of my calories at night … but normally only when I work.  I need to stop eating so much at night 😦

My plans for tomorrow (since I’m off work — yay!) are to go to the local nursery and pick up some plants hopefully.  I also might pick up some baking ingredients at the store.  I’m just going to drink ice water the rest of the night.  Hopefully I won’t be bloated in the morning!  Being a girl once a month is a drag! Lol.



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