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Day 5

Posted by buffmuffy on June 19, 2009

Good morning.  I just woke up at noon… I was up at 6 and then 7 and I went to sleep around 2 or 3 … I babysat overnight.  This morning I was holding the baby and my boyfriend came out and sat with me.  When he got up he said “You’re going to be a good mom.”  It was the sweetest thing ever.  It really made my day.  He and I have plans on marrying and having kids, just there is no ring involved yet.

So anyway, I went back to bed and slept in and am just now starting my day off.  I tried something new this morning that I’ve seen on other blogs…. Pumpkin oats!  And oh my are they delicious.

For mine, I made a packet of unsweet brown maple sugar oatmeal, and then stirred in some chilled pumpkin.  perhaps 1/3 of a can.  I then topped it with 3 sliced strawberries and a handful of pumpkin flax granola (which has little pumpkin seeds in it, so awesome!).  It is amazing.  The granola and strawberries really make this a delicious breakfast and it’s maybe 250-275 calories at most.

And of course with it I have a green monster … this one is a bunch of spinach, a cup of unsweet chocolate almond breeze, a banana, ice cubes, and get this : the strawberry tops off the strawberries for my oats!  I figure why let them go to waste?  Oh, I also threw in the steeped green tea leaves from last night’s tea bag.  I don’t know if it made a difference or not seeing as how it was plain ol lotus flavoured green tea, but again … why not?

The result?  A light airy banana-y drink.  Good!


Today I’m on a mission.  I’m going out to buy a bread machine and make a loaf of homeade bread that is healthy and cost effective.  Bread these days is so expensive, and even more expensive for healthy kinds – not to mention almost impossible to find without HFCS.  And to top it all off… most processed bread tastes like doodoo!  So I’m going to try it out.  My dad has a bread machine and I’m excited to make bread myself.  I’m also gonna get some face scrub and some more spinach, and sweet potatoes if I can find em.

I want to get a venus fly trap but no one has any in town 😦

Anyway, I’ll update after I get back.



Hello again!  Boy have I got a lot of pictures to show.

I purchased an Oster bread machine and it is baking now!  There are about 2.5 hours left on the bread.

Here are pics of all the loot I’ve picked up today:


Spinach was on sale for only 99cents a bag!  I got more organic bananas, sweet potatoes, 4 boxes of tea, some containers for the bread to store it in, organic canned pumpkin, yeast, unhydrogenated smart balance margarine, 4 things of pita pockets (3 went straight into the freezer), and I ground my own whole wheat flour from white wheat berries.  I also got some prenatal vitamins because they are so good for hair and skin and some apricot scrub that angela (  raved about in a post a while ago.

Here are the teas I bought:

IMG_2141I started the bread, also a recipe I picked up from Angela’s site, with these ingredients, water, and salt:


And I’m not using the express baking mode but it does have that feature on the bread maker.  I spent about 150$ today … ouch.

And I’m still looking for a tea box!

I also go this little beauty known as a Gloxinia (Zelda is making sure it is safe, haha):


And during all of this I snacked on one of these babies and boy was it TASTY!


Now I’m in the process of cooking dinner….

Here’s a sneak peak and you’ll see the rest later:



Here’s dinner….

IMG_2153Pinto beans over salad greens, sweet pototo fries with a dash of salt and evoo, and roasted red peppers.  As you can see the fries are a bit burned.  They still taste good, but next time I have to cut thicker chunks or not cook as long.  Oh well!

Now I just have to wait on my boyfriend to get home.  Men … They don’t care about details and think it’s no biggie if they are home 15 minutes later… well now dinner will be cold 😦

Ah well … can’t live with em, can’t live without em.


Well dinner was really good … I can’t wait for attempt #2 on sweet potato fries!

I also attempted some breads tonight so I fear my calories may be a little high, but not too bad.

Here is how my whole wheat loaf turned out:


I didn’t wait to start cutting in, which is why it looks so ragged and why there isn’t a picture of before I cut into it.  Haha!

It basically tastes like good ol’ bread.  In the first pic you see a chunk with some unhydrogenated margarine on it …. I had 2 pieces like that and put a but of honey on the second one.  Probably 300 calories of bread there … but I didn’t eat lunch since breakfast was at lunchtime so this was more like a 3rd meal here 🙂

And then I got frisky and decided to make a banana bread.  However after washing the pan, I forgot to put the kneading blade back in so I had to move the ingredients around a bit and thus ended up with dry ingredients on the edges of the bread.  Despite that, the bread turned out really well.  It could use some more texture in it but I don’t much like nuts, so perhaps a dried fruit of some sort next time.  And assembling the machine right!  Here is how it turned out:

IMG_2157banana bread(about 10 slices)

I had two little slices of it, mangled because I didn’t wait to cut in again.  It’s okay, it all tastes the same 🙂

My boyfriend made a batch of tea in his ice tea maker, so I had a big tall glass of that.  He put in 3 bags of regular tea and one bag of my orange Tazo tea from my sampler box.  It tasted a bit chai-y and minty.  Too bad the ice tea maker makes 2 L and we both had a big tall glass so it’s already half gone 😦

IMG_2159That added about 300 more calories to the day I think since they were larger than the rest … oopsy!

Plus a few chunks of cheese unfortunately…. so probably 1500.  Not too shabby for all that bread!

Well I think I’m going to head to bed and read.  Working tomorrow 830am-5pm… *Sigh!*


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