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Day Four

Posted by buffmuffy on June 18, 2009

I woke up nice and bloated this morning.  I hate that!  I also have a headache the size of Kansas.

I am not looking forward to working 11-6 today is all I have to say!
Thankfully it’s not earlier … and I get to start the day off with a green monster made in my new blender!
I’m attempting a new smoothie. I am adding a cup of almond milk, a carrot, a handful of spinach, a banana, a champagne mango, and a dab of almond butter with a few ice cubes… I sure wish I had some coconut to try in one of these.


The blender did a really nice job getting everything finely chopped.  How nice for once!

I’m having it with a pita pocket filled with organic cinnamon applesauce (and dang is that stuff thick! yum!)


The monster pretty thick and tastes sweet and nutty.  Different … a bit of banana and a tiny dab of mango flavours.

I’m going to take a Larabar and a peach to work.  Chocolate Cocunut Chew.  I am excited for this one because I have been craving coconut….


For dinner I’ll be bringing home a healthy tb salad for my boyfriend and I may have one myself too. I make them with beans, lettuce, meat (for me chicken, my boyfriend prefers beef), and tomatoes. Unfortunately they don’t have a lot of nutritional bulk, but for chicken it is only 200 calories for a good sized portion and I can add more nutrition to my day once I get home. The good thing is that the beans have a lot of fiber …  too bad they also have lots of sodium too.  I’ll probably enjoy a healthy fruit monster as a dessert.



Okay so I had one more snack at work today… a cheesebread!  Basically it’s a flatbread with three cheese and tomatoes melted together.  about 300 calories … but gives a lot of satiety.   Sorry that the pic is sideways!


For dinner I had my salad that I was talking about earlier …


And my fruit smoothie that I talked about making … it has like 5 strawberries, a banana, a peach, a few ice cubes, and a cup of almond milk.

Work was alright.  I just hate the stress that normally comes with it.  I’m around 1300 calories or so I think, maybe 1400.  That’s great considering how full I feel.  I did have a few crackers and a bit of cheese not pictured here, maybe 100 cals worth of stuff.

Trying not to focus on calories as much though …

I’m gonna finish my night off with some tea.

I am babysitting for a work friend tonight – her son is 5 months old I think and so cute.  Great baby, but he’s big!  Anyway, she’ll have him here probably in around an hour or maybe less.

I’ll update before bed.



Well actively babysitting here … Had a banana with almond butter and green tea.  Saving my tea bag to add to my monster in the morning per Angela’s idea. 🙂


I have some amazing grass stuff coming to me soon.  Along with like 3 pairs of shoes… I’m so bad.  I need to stop spending!

I’m just hungry today.  I’m pretty sure I’m having time of the month cravings.  I’m just going to listen to my body, since everything I’m eating is healthy.  I’ll just update with notes in the morning on what I had.

–notes on what I had …

a pluot, a larabar, a few strawberries, and a few chunks of cheddar.


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