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Day Two

Posted by buffmuffy on June 17, 2009

Today I think went really great!  I didn’t get any cardio really in other than shopping and work, but working where I work (taco bell-as a shift manager) burns tons of calories! I wore a bodybugg for a year and found out I would burn 1500 calories in a shift.  Now that’s with BMR calculated in, but sedentary the same amount of time is only 600 calories burned.

Anyway, for breakfast I had 2 whole wheat pitas with sugar free preserves.


For lunch I had a flatbread with beans.


Then I had a snack!  After we went to whole foods and I picked up lots of goodies (but forgot my shopping list), I had a lemon larabar.  Yum!  Organic and Raw… and amazing.  I have a bunch more flavours to try.

GetAttachment-2And here is where it gets fun!  Dinner was a blast to make… I had such a fun time making it all presentable.

I had a serving of a new type of crackers we bought that are all natural and made with quinoa and amaranth, can you believe?  And here’s the big shocker–we found them at SAM’S.  WOW!  I also had some cheddar cheese, half a peach, and a green monster.

In this green monster I had 2 pluots (plum and apricot hybrid), the other half of the peach, 1 cup almond milk, a few ice cubes, and a small handful of spinach.  I wanted to get amazing grass today, but it is just too darn expensive.  I may get a few packets next time I’m out though.


The last picture is from a bag of mixed fruit that we always get at sam’s.  It has frozen mango, pineapple, strawberries, and peaches.  It was SO hard to blend in my magic bullet… It wouldn’t even do anything in a regular old blender.  Probably just because there was no moisture, but this is so super annoying to me.

However this blended mixed frozen fruit is like homemade sorbet and it tastes AMAZING.  Therefore I need to find a blender that can handle blending frozen fruit chunks by themselves….

I need suggestions on a new blender type smoothie maker thingy to buy!!!!! If anyone is reading my blog yet (lol) I would love any suggestions… I would like to keep it under 100$.

I got a lot of awesome stuff today.  Some Tazo teas (I want one of those tea boxes I keep seeing though…), larabars, mini sweet peppers, peaches, pluots, spinach, carrots, avocados, hummus, those crackers, 4 cartons of unsweet almond milk, frozen mixed fruit, almond butter (wow that stuff is expensive), mini seedless watermelons, and strawberries.  I got the peaches, pluots, strawberries, and melons at sam’s though, and I have tons of them.  I may have gotten more stuff but I just can’t remember.  What’s really cool is that (despite the fact that my boyfriend paid for the crackers and my frozen fruit) I spent less than $100 on everything!

Anyway, Day 2 has treated me well.  The craziest part?  I am only at 1135 calories today.  I have decided there’s no point in counting calories as long as i keep my portions sensible…  I don’t know what I’ll finish the night off with, but I’ll make sure I update before I go to bed.  Oh and this morning I was down a pound… 148.2 …. Hopefully that continues in the same trend!  Down!

I have my guilty pleasures to watch tonight…. Tori and Dean and Paris’ new BFF.  🙂



Okay.  So I had a banana with some of the almond butter… almond butter tastes just like almonds and that is all that it has in it.  not sweet but very very good!  And also had a cup of white vanilla apricot tea.  I also pictured the other tea I got … green tea with a hint of lotus blossom.  The white tea was yummy.  I love it without sweetener in it.  I can’t wait to try the green.


Hopefully I weigh in well tomorrow morning.  I don’t feel like I’m retaining water at all.  Without all the processed food, the highest sodium thing I ate today was my lunch and the cheese I had with dinner.  I love this new diet [lifestyle change].

Til tomorrow…


PS. I wanted to bring up a funny story… My boyfriend is the traditional man.  Likes all that manly bad-for-you food, but also has the desire to look good and eat healthy for his physique.  But today was a change.  We went into whole foods, and he said he was completely unprepared and had no idea what to think of some of the things, but instead of getting upset about not wanting to buy stuff there, he said he was intrigued and would like to come back with more money and a plan.

On top of it all… and GET THIS! … he pulled me over to a section in the store and picked up a package of hot dogs all excited like, and as he pointed to the wrapper he exclaimed to me, “Meat-free!!”  This coming from a steak and cheese loving man.  He had picked up a package of soy dogs.  It was so cute and so … heart-warming.  He is going to enjoy this, even if he doesn’t fully enjoy it now.


I don’t know why, but I am still hungry so I have to admit … I’m indulging in this right now … Even though its in the am’s now.  Haha!  I’m going to bed in the next hour. I’m so bad.  And so is this!!!! Delicious!



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