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Day 3

Posted by buffmuffy on June 17, 2009

Good morning everyone (anyone?)!


I wanted to share with any readers I may have that I am so proud of my orchids… They are thriving! I have had this one for almost a month I think and I got some orchid food the other day and it looks more beautiful than ever. I swear, both of my orchids have sparkly petals. Isn’t that insane?

This morning’s weight: 147.6

Getting there!

So I am starting my day out with a green monster of course.


In the green monster: 1/3 an avocado (not really that ripe yet so I don’t think it added much … oops!), 4 medium sized strawberries, a handful of ice cubes, a big handful of spinach, a cup of almond milk, and a very ripe banana.  In the end I added some glutamine as well.  It blended decent in my old school hamilton beach blender, but not all the ice got pulverized.  I’m gonna definitely head to bed, bath, and beyond today to look around.

With the green monster I had some of my boyfriends flax plus pumpkin granola.  It’s pretty yummy!  Probably a 350 calorie breakfast here.

For lunch, I would love to have some of my avocado with something else in a whole wheat pita pocket.  I just don’t know if it will ripen in time! 😦  May have to wait til Friday.

I’ll update after shopping!


Okay, so I ended up getting an Oster blender 14 speed.  It didn’t blend the frozen fruit like I wanted it to, but I fear that is a task in itself.  I may have to get a food processor attaachment for that.

While I was out I had a snack and it was amazing … I even found a whole nut inside:


I ended up also going to Pier One and I got some really cute plates and a bowl…


And now I’m having the most amazing lunch ever, and its only about 400 calories total.

I cut up a few mini sweet peppers (OMG, these are my new favorite thing).  I put them in a pita pocket and added a slice and a half of cheddar cheese.  Used the rest of the other slice on 4 multigrain crackers.  I melted the pita in the microwave and even though it split while doing so, it tasted so amazing!  I added a few sprigs of spinach on it as well.


Then I blended my frozen fruit with a bit of almond milk to try and give it some moisture to blend… that’s the main problem – too much air!  Therefore it won’t blend… Any ideas?

Anywho, here was the result:


And to top off the meal I had an ice cold glass of water.


I’m not sure what I’ll have for dinner quite yet …  I have to take my friend’s mom somewhere at 5pm and I probably will get home around 6 or 630pm.  I have to leave again for work at 745 though… Wah!  A long night of closing the tbell, and then back up tomorrow to work at 11am.  Thus is my life …

I’ll update before I go to work!



I had a snack of banana and almond butter and tazo lotus green tea…  The tea was a very suttle nice taste.


Dinner was more of the pitas I had for lunch.  I had two, but I definitely ate one half before I remembered that I hadn’t taken a picture of it yet!  Oopsy!  I also refilled my plate with some multigrain crackers.  Not pictured was some of the roasted red pepper hummus my boyfriend was eating.  He said he couldn’t taste it, but he is clogged up from his allergies.  I wish I knew how to fix it naturally.  He doesn’t even like the crackers… but he eats them because he knows they are good for him.


Have to leave in about 35 minutes.  Joy. (NOT!)

It is supposed to storm really bad tonight so hopefully we are super slow and can get lots done.



Just got home from work half hour ago… came home to find that my boyfriend had put a bunch of dirty dishes in the dishwasher and even left one on the counter, smoothered in blended fruit… HellO!??  Sometimes I just don’t get men.  So I had to clean up his mess…  Then I took a shower.

I had a snack at work… flatbread with beans, but I didn’t eat all the beans.  Maybe 250 cals total if that.  I can’t get the picture to rotate …


I ate quite a bit today, but oh well, I ate when I was hungry and it was 100% healthy.

I hate my job is the least I can say, but tonight went okay I guess.  I just wish I could come home to a clean house *grumbles*

I’d be in bed right now but I’m calming down.  I’m too much of a perfectionist for my own good.  Also, I have to wait til the washer is done so I can pop my work clothes in the dryer. 😦



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