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Day one is tomorrow!

Posted by buffmuffy on June 15, 2009

So I’m excited to say that it all starts tomorrow… I am going to bed around 11 only to wake up around 530am for our first run.  I took a nap earlier before the premiere of True Blood on HBO, so I should be fine.

I worked all morning, from 830am-6pm.  It was awful, my job is so stressful!!

Here is a log of what I have eaten today along with pictures!

Breakfast: 2 whole wheat pitas with sugar free apricot preserves… 180 calories


Lunch: 2 tortillas with pinto beans…. 300 calories


Dinner: chicken and veggies — no picture …. ~300 calories

Snack: PINK monster (a few watermelon chunks, a banana, a cup of Almond Breeze) and a bowl of watermelon … 350 calories


Snack 2: a few slices of cheese… ~100 calories


Grand Total: 1230 calories … Perfect!

I drank diet pepsi throughout the day as well.  It’s not that enjoyable but it keeps me going.  I need to convert over to tea I think.

Anyway, tomorrow is Monday, which means I have the day off.  After my run, I will start a productive day.  Once my boyfriend goes to work (around 745am), I will relax on the couch and have breakfast (a green monster probably) and catch up on a few DVR’ed shows as well as hang out on the computer a bit.

Around 10am when Express opens, I will be heading out to take advantage of my 50$ off 150$ purchase card that I have.  I have a spending habit though, and I need to stop buying things like this.  I just can’t help it though, because I really needed clothes.   And it is just such a good deal, especially combined with all the sales they are having.

Tuesday I am taking my boyfriend to Whole Foods and we are gonna grocery shop there for lots of stuff!  Then we will stop at Sam’s and probably Walmart for a few normal things.  Sam’s has a mixed frozen fruit bag to die for… mango, pineapple, strawberries, and peaches.  We both agree that it would create really amazing smoothies!

Until Tomorrow,



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