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Day One is Submerging…

Posted by buffmuffy on June 14, 2009

Hi, everyone.  I am new to wordpress, and this is my first post.

This blog is going to be about my journey in health.  I struggle a lot with myself, so I’m hoping to finally be able to let loose.

I am studying to become a registered dietician and personal trainer, and have 2 more years left.  Ironically I work at taco bell, and stress is high there, though thankfully I don’t enjoy the food so I rarely eat anything there.  If I do, it is always something healthy.

On June 15 (Monday), my wonderful live in boyfriend and I are going to be starting a journey to meet our goals that we have been talking about for years it seems.  He wants to lose 30 pounds and I want to lose 20.

We plan on starting a jogging regimen in the early morning during the week, and eating sensibly all the time.

My goals are to eat all healthy, lots of organic, and not a lot of calories in the process (but enough to keep me going of course!).

I want to run 5 days a week, and strength  train 2-3 times a week.

I am a busy girl, but I need to get my momentum up now during summer before I have to go back to school in August!

I will leave today’s post with a picture of my new, beautiful orchid that I bought today.  It is absolutely gigantic.


Tomorrow I plan on starting my day off with a Green Monster which I learned about previously but have been intrigued since reading about them on Angela’s blog ( …  Here is a pic of one I made the other day with a bowl of watermelon…

IMG_1979Yum Yum.  A banana, a cup of unsweetened Almond Breeze, a few ice cubes, and a big handful of spinach.   I added a few chunks of watermelon as well, to give it a sweetness boost.



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